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Children & Baby Shops in Modiin

All the Modiin stores for clothes, accessories and equipment for children and babies, including scouts uniforms and school uniform printing.
Lavi - School Uniforms, Clothes and Shoes for Children & Youth
Country Center
The store with the biggest variety of school uniforms, footwear and clothing in Israel! Uniforms: Dozens of fashionable styles, batwing cut, American and more... from the highest quality fabrics. Stocking Sense and Lavi brands. New and excl
Stoochy - Clothing for the Whole Family
Modiin Center
Now in the store: special deals on summer school shirts - see the deal tab for more details. Personal attention, quality and cheap prices! School shirts in 39 colors – free printing of school emblem! Order online on Stoochy's website! Fabr
5 School Dryfit Shirts for Only 100 ₪ + More Deals!
Basic Kids - Children's Clothes & Shoes, School Uniforms, Printing on T-Shirts
Keizer Center
Store for all types of clothing for kids, including school outfits, sports clothes and underwear. New in the store: up-to-date football brand outfits! Sizes 4-18. Deliveries all over the country. Your home for football outfits. To order via
H&O / Carter's Modiin - Azrieli Mall Branch
Azrieli Mall
Children's fashion. Moved to the ground floor, next to Super-Pharm, where Anise used to be. The Modiin mall branch of the popular American brand.
Honigman Kids Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Children's clothing. The Modiin branch of the national chain. Please note! The branch has moved from the ground floor of the mall to the upper floor.
Kiwi Kids Modiin - Azrieli Mall Branch
Azrieli Mall
Clothes for children and babies. The Modiin mall branch of the national fashion chain.
Kiwi Kids Modiin - Yishpro Branch
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Fashion store for children and babies. The Modiin Yishpro branch of the national fashion chain.
Minene Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Boutique products for babies. The Modiin branch of the naional chain. No phone number yet.
Morad Gilis Modiin - Baby Store
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Baby, pregnancy and birth products. The Modiin branch of the regional chain.
Azrieli Mall
Products and accessories for babies. The Modiin branch of the Israeli chain that was founded in the 1970's.

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