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Post Offices and Collection Points

Full updated information on all post offices branches and parcel collection points in the neighborhoods of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut.

Corona virus update 7/2: Some of the post office branches and collection points in Modiin might be working in a limited capacity. Before arriving, it is recommended to call or check the opening hours on the link to the post-office website that appears on the page of each branch.

Beit HaDo'ar Azrieli Mall - Main Post Office Branch
Azrieli Mall
The central post office branch in Modiin. Includes 6 service desks.
Post Office Kipodan - Modiin Center Branch
Modiin Center
The branch includes 2 service desks. As well as regular postal services, special services include: Currency conversion with no fees. International money transfer via Western Union and Eurogiro. Purchase of and re-charging prepaid Visa cards
Post Office - Reut Branch
Lev Reut Shopping Center
(The page and the opening hours were last checked & updated on 17/6/2020).
Post Office - Solomon Center Branch
Solomon Center
Branch with 3 counters, electronic queuing system and seated waiting area - offering all mail services, including a pick-up point for registered mail and packages for residents of the Keizer and Shimshoni (Meginim and Neviim) neighborhoods.
Postal Collection Point Yishpro Center - Tronic
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Counter for collection only. Located inside the cellular store and lab, Tronic. See exact location on the map.
Postal Collection Point Avnei Chen Neighborhood - B Computers
Counter for collection only. Located inside the computer lab "B-Computers" on Odem Street.
Postal Collection Point Buchman Neighborhood - Kliyat Bereshit
Moriah Center
Counter for collection only. Located inside the "Kliyat Bereshit" store.
Postal Collection Point HaMeginim/Avnei-Chen Neighborhood - Pitzutziyat Vegas
Keizer Center
Counter for collection only. Located inside Pitzutziyat Vegas, on the second floor of the Keizer Center, next to the stairs facing the street.
Postal Collection Point Masu'a Neighborhood - Sukaria
Counter for collection only. Located inside the convenience store, Sukaria.
Postal Collection Point Modiin HaPrachim Neighborhood - Shufersal Deal Modiin Center Branch
Modiin Center
Counter for collection only. The counter is located next to the drinks at the left side of the supermarket.

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