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Custom Furniture & Kitchens

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Moshe Argaman Woodwork - Carpentry
Zvika Schwarz
משה ארגמן מקצוען בנגרות ועבודות עץ , השרות והאמינות ראוי לשבח וכך גם בזמן ההספקה , משה ארגמן ביצע עבורי עבודות בעץ מלא ובסנוויץ כגון , שולחנות מזנון וארונות .
Hatkanot Modiin - Installation of Doors, Kitchens & Handyman Jobs
הללי ואקנין-רוז
ממליצה בחום שירות מקצועי ביותר ויסודי מנסיון מומלץ לכל התקנה
Moshe Argaman Woodwork - Carpentry
Shlomi Ben Hemo
עבודה מדוייקת אמינות שירות
Moshe Argaman Woodwork - Carpentry
אבי תורג'מן
משה ארגמן , נגר מעולה, נותן יחס טוב עם שירות מעולה ומחיר סביר ביותר
Yairo Nagarut - Carpentry
איתן אשכנזי
את יאירו הכרתי לפני מספר שנים כשהייתי צריך תיקון ארון בבית. מאז, נעזרתי בו מס' פעמים, כולל הזמנת שולחן לפי תכנון של שנינו למעבדה הממוקמת בביתי. כל מי שרואה את המעבדה, מתפעל ממנה. יאירו יסודי ומקצועי ואין לי ספק שאשתמש בשירותיו בעתיד.
Nagariat Shmuel - Carpentry
Raphaël Freeman
Shmuel is a master carpenter. He knows his trade and does a fantastic job. One time I came to his shop with a chair that had a leg that had completely broken off. I didn’t expect it to be fixable. The chair was fixed so perfectly that to this day I don’t know which chair he fixed.
Dor Mitbachim Kitchen Carpentry - Custom-Built & Designed Kitchens
Many years of expertise and experience in the design and building of kitchens in a range of styles, customized to the client's home and taste. (For examples see the picture gallery). Services include: Custom-built kitchens Upgrading of exis
10% Off All Kitchens!
Moshe Arfi - The Carpentry in Shilat (Flea Market)
Sideboards, kitchens, cupboards, shelves and all other personally designed carpentry work - wood cut to size also available! Have an idea for a piece of furniture? Any idea (even the craziest) can be carried out... Want to create a piece of
10% Off Cutting Wood to Size!
Yairo Nagarut - Carpentry
Modiin General
Specializing in the upgrade of kitchens and carpentry repairs. Replacement of kitchen cabinet doors of all materials, shapes, colors and models. Installation of soft-close drawers. Adapting cabinets for new electronical devices. Adding unit
5% Off Kitchen Upgrades!
Baruch Rubinchick - Customized Wooden Art Objects and Furniture & Plasterboard Design
Modiin General
Special, made to order work, including wooden art and home design items, furniture, and plasterboard designs. All objects can be personally designed according to the style of your home and the measurements of your choice. Work includes: Tab
Hatkanot Modiin - Installation of Doors, Kitchens & Handyman Jobs
Modiin General
Professional service for a wide range of installation jobs: Installation of interior doors - providing service for most types of doors in Israel. Additional services: door disassembly, hinge replacements, door frames, door alignment, hardwa
15% Off Installation of Doors, Kitchens & Handyman Jobs!
ERA Kitchens
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Kitchen store.
Lior Shemer Furniture
Furniture for homes and offices.
Nagariat Shmuel - Carpentry
Modiin General
Carpenter Shmuel Ansbacher.

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