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Furnishing & Styling Your Home

Selection of local businesses that specialize in home & garden furniture, lighting, ceramics and flooring, doors, art and frames.
INOUT Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Leah Granof Geffen
Itamar was the only company who really took the time to explain to us the difference in door materials. He is excellent. We received exactly what we were expecting!
Kasuf - Beautiful Things
Anita Sandlow Bashary
Wonderful place to buy gifts for the whole family.
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Netanel Shamay
התקנו 2 מקלחונים, קיבלנו שירות אדיב מאוד, עבודה מקצועית ברמה הכי גבוהה שאפשר ואיכות חומרים מהדרגה הראשונה! אין ספק שלכל עבודה שתהיה לי בעתיד נחזור.
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Assaf Cohen
מעבר למקצועיות והרמה הגבוהה, מדובר בצוות אמין שאפשר לסמוך עליו בעיניים עצומות. ממליץ בחום רב!!
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Elad Maayan
פעם שנייה שאני מקבל שירות מעל המצופה! אנשים נחמדים, מחירים לכל כיס והכי חשוב האיכות ברמה הכי גבוהה. ממליץ בחום!
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
אלנית רבני
אלופיםםםם!! תענוג לראות את העבודה המקצועית שלכם. את האיכות. היחס המדהים שלכם והאינטיליגנציה הרגשית עולה על כל דמיון. מקבלת מחמאות רבות ואני ממליצה עליכם בחום רב. מגיע לכם.
SCAB Modiin Importer's Store - Garden Furniture & Gas Grills / Barbecues
Dave Herman
Great place and friendly. Exchanges gas baloons (propane tanks)
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
אלי יצחק
שירות מעולה איכות 💯 מומלץ בחום. על איכות לא מתפשרים
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Ofer Shamay
שירות מעולה ואיכות מדהימה! לא מפסיקים לקבל מחמאות! מומלץ בחום!!
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Shelly Shamay
שירות ואיכות מעולים! מרוצים מאוד מכל הדברים שהותקנו בבית ואין ספק שילוו אותנו גם בבתים הבאים
Rimas Elite Ceramics - Store and Showroom
Modiin Ilit
All products for your home renovation under one roof! Huge range of high quality ceramics, in an impressive and fully equipped showroom, so that you can easily find products perfectly suited to your needs and personal taste. Products includ
Ritzufim - Ceramics and Flooring Store
Modiin Ilit
Large variety of ceramic products, flooring, wall coverings, sanitary ware, taps and everything else that you may need for your home renovations. High quality at affordable prices! High level, personal service and professional guidance at a
SAL Ceramics - Flooring, Cladding, Sinks, Bathroom Cabinets, Taps, Toilets & Flushing Systems
Keizer Center
A variety of ceramic products, shower units, all types of bathroom cabinets in all sizes and styles, sinks, taps, granite porcelain, all types of stone, and all types of flooring inside and out. Artistic glass cladding for kitchens, all typ
SCAB Modiin Importer's Store - Garden Furniture & Gas Grills / Barbecues
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Huge showroom with SCAB's top models of spectacular garden furniture and gas grills. Please note! There are ongoing, changing deals on the products in store - it's worth visiting! New products are frequently updated on the store's website W
10% Off All Products + Free Delivery!
Tzora Global Odafim Outlet - Chairs & Seating
Outlet store for Tzora products - Israel's leading company in the field of chairs and seating areas (every third person in the country sits on a Tzora chair!). The store offers a wide range of office chairs, computer chairs and more - in a
Up to 50% Off Tzora Chairs!
A.D. Itzuvei Modiin - Parquet, Curtains and More
Modiin General
Wide range of quality products for home design, service to the customer's home. Supply and installation of parquet, curtains, carpets, PVC, decks and synthetic grass. Among the products offered: Variety of quality laminate parquets at diffe
Amazing Drapes - Custom Curtains and Blinds
Modiin General
Specializing in all types of curtains and blinds, in a huge range of colors as well as modern and classical designs. Personal consultation in your home, to present you a range of options to perfectly suit your living space. Products include
10% Off All Curtains and Blinds!
Attic Upholstery - Vintage Furniture
Kfar Rut
Peeling paint? Faded or torn upholstery? Want to make a change, but have no money to buy new? Attic upholstery will breathe new life into your furniture, and suit it to your taste, with the best professionals, upholstery, and furniture pain
Cna'an Vilonot - Curtain Showroom
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Every type of curtain, in one place! A huge selection of fabrics for curtains and shading products from the best companies in Israel and abroad. New! Laundering services for all types of curtains. An impressive showroom in which you can fin
Curtain Up To 3 meters For Only 1,550 ₪!
Dor Mitbachim Kitchen Carpentry - Custom-Built & Designed Kitchens
Many years of expertise and experience in the design and building of kitchens in a range of styles, customized to the client's home and taste. (For examples see the picture gallery). Services include: Custom-built kitchens Upgrading of exis
10% Off All Kitchens!
Eyalis - Furniture for Gardens & Balconies
Quality garden furniture at an affordable price - directly from the importer to the consumer! Discounts happening you won't want to miss out on! Option for payment plans. Delivery throughout Israel. Focus on quality and durability, which wi
Jacob Twena Furniture and Home Design Gallery
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
The long-established gallery from the Sharon has now moved to Yishpro, Modiin. A special store for quality furniture and original home decor items. The product range includes: Bedrooms Dining rooms Solid wood furniture Lighting Fixtures Rug
King Royal Modiin - Mattresses & Bedroom Sets
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Factory store. Part of the national chain. Offering prices that cut out the middleman fees. Specializing in the manufacture and sale of orthopedic mattresses, adjustable sleeping systems, youth couches and furniture. Perfect sleep solutions
Oman HaParquetim veHaCeramica - Store & Showroom
Modiin Center
All products for your home under one roof! Matching sizes and colors to the customer's preferences. Large showroom up to 50% discount on a wide range of home design products, including: Parquet Ceramics Interior and exterior doors Bricks PV
Pinot Chen - Wooden Garden Furniture
Wide range of garden furniture: casual seating areas, wooden swings, benches, picnic tables, wooden planters – all can be ordered in any size and in any color. Placing top priority on the quality of the furniture. All furniture and products
10% Off Every Purchase!
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Modiin General
Creative and professional glass work solutions at the highest level, and with fair prices. The range of services includes: Glass shower doors - custom made with glass of 8-10 mm thickness Glass showcases and doors Glass wall cladding - in c
10% Off All Glass Work!
Rehitei Ilit Furniture
Modiin Ilit
Quality Israeli goods coupled with American-style service - the selection and quality you want with prices for every budget! Large selection of furniture for every room in your home in wide variety of materials, styles and colors. Offering:
INOUT Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Sale, production and supply of entry and interior doors for your home or business, and special, innovative locking solutions. Personal consultation services in the customer's home. Emphasis on quick delivery times and prices without middlem
Interior Doors from Only 1,150 ₪!
Miri Or - Lighting Design
Kfar Rut
Unique gallery of special and beautiful lighting fixtures in different styles, and a wide variety of products for all the rooms of the home, most made in the onsite workshop, using handmade glass by Shimale Peleg and ceramic work by various
Modiin Glass "Marco" - Showroom & Factory for Glass and Mirrors
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Large showroom with an adjacent factory. Established in Modiin since 1999. High quality glass fittings made in glass factory. All jobs are carried out with meticulous accuracy and safety, and suited to the requests and needs of the customer

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