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Dance, Ballet & Drama Chugim in Modiin

Chugim for kids that love to dance and perform! Drama, ballet, zumba and more.
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
חני גוטמן
סטודיו מקצועי! יעלה מתייחסת לכל אחת באופן אישי, אכפתית ונעימה. הבנות מקבלות כלים והכשרה למחול/תנועה והרבה לנשמה
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
Racheli Steiner
שנה רביעית ברציפות שהילדה לא מוכנה לשמוע על שום אופציה אחרת- זה אומר הכל! יעלה היא אישיות מזמינה ונעימה ובעיקר מאד קשובה ואמפטית לכל צורך שעולה לכל ילדה. הקבוצות הקטנות והיחס האישי שמלווה העצמה והגדלת הביטחון העצמי של הבנות שווה הכל. ממליצה בחום רב!
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
בת חן כץ
ממליצה בחום על יעלה מניסיון עם הבת שלי. איזה כיף לרקוד ולהתעמל במקום שמרגישים בו נח וכיף ובלי לחץ.
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
Anna-Gaelle Khalifa
בת ה9 שלי רוקדת אצל יעלה שנה שניה. כל קבוצה קטנה מגובשת ואיכותית. יעלה רואה כל רקדנית רקדנית בעין מקצועית ויחד עם זאת רגישה מאוד. ההתקדמות מתחילת השנה אדירה. מומלץ בחום!
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
Nira Layfer
הבת שלי ואני השתתפנו בחוג ריקוד לאמהות ובנות, ונהנינו מאוד מכל רגע שיעל היתה איתנו. יעל נהדרת! יודעת להפעיל את הבנות וללמד את יסודות הריקוד מבלי להרגיש שזה באמת "לימוד". יעל הכירה כל אחת וידעה להיות רגישה וקשובה לבנות הצעירות וגם לילדה מקסימה עם צרכים מיוחדים שהצטרפה אלינו לקבוצה. היא השקיעה בנו המון, קיבלה החלטות בשיתוף פעולה עם האמהות ו/או עם הבנות, לא לחצה כשלא היה הכרח. היה מצוין! ואפילו עלינו אמהות ובנות לרקוד ריקודים מקסימים במופע הסיום ובמופע אמצע השנה. ממליצה בחום!
Cast - Drama Chug
Modiin General
Drama chug in English with the Children's Actors Studio Theater - 11 years in Modiin! Multiple groups for both girls and boys, 2nd-7th grade. Learn a variety of stage and theater skills including: Acting skills Self expression Improv Commun
HaStudio Shel Sigalit - Dance Chugim for Children
Modiin General
Long established studio operating in Modiin since 1999, welcoming participants from infancy and up, in two locations in the city. Special studio, which is a home for movement, characterized by broad, deep and responsible observation of all
Henn Mizrachy Studio (C-US) - Dance Chugim
THE experts in hip hop and breakdance (8 different choreographers)! Wide range of dance classes: hip hop, dance, funk, breakdance, modern, and creative dance for gan aged children. NEW! Hip-hop chug for women - Thursdays 20:45 at The Democr
I Dance Inbal - Dance & Movement School for Children & Youth
Registration has started! School with a family atmosphere, believing in the love of dance, professionalism, and personal attention for every student. The classes teach correct posture, rhythm, coordination, body awareness and self confidenc
MeEver LaDimyon - Drama Studio
Azrieli Mall
For more info on the show "Zehirut BaBriut" (free entry) - click here! Unique drama and improvisation chugim for children and youth, and also offering a girls only option. A free trial class! In the chug, children will experience working o
Michy Zumba Fitness - Chugim and Activity for Parties
Azrieli Mall
Chugim for girls, teens and mothers. Zumba activity for birthday and Bar/Bat-Mitzva parties. Chugim starting Mon 1/10/18! Registration now open - 6th year running! NEW! Open zumba class for teens and moms - every Wed at 20:30. Chugim for ki
Ndance - Dance Studio
Modiin General
Dancing for the soul... Classes for boys and girls from age 3 up to adults. Studio for modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, movement and creative dance, classical dance, and zumba. The studio's troupe functions as the Matnas's official show troupe.
Nirit Dance Studio - Dance & Ballet Chugim
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Dance studio operating in Modiin for almost 20 years, believing in personal attention for each student alongside a high professional level. The studio has several hip hop show troupes as well as acro dance, and a professional modern dance t
Omanut HaBallet Dina Hinkis - Ballet for Women & Teens
Modiin General
Classical ballet classes for women and teens, coaching and private classes, run by Dina Hinkis, in collaboration with the Modiin Matnas. For women of all ages. Come see, experience and believe that you can do it too. Small group classes. Co
Pas De Sha Ballet Studio - Royal Academy of Dance in Israel
Classical ballet classes for ages 4-14, taught by a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) registered teacher, with over 20 years of experience teaching young children. For timetable click here Fun opportunity to learn ballet in a professional and hi
Sharon Ki-Sharon - Ballet School for Small Children
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
Empowerment through ballet. Princesses from age three and a half are invited to dance with love, with a unique ballet method that combines modern and classical ballet, and creates a magical and exciting dance experience, as special as it ge
Studio Al HaBama - Acting & Theater Chugim
Azrieli Mall
Acting and theater are skills for life, there is an actor hiding in each one of us… Let us help you discover the actor inside you! Groups divided according to age and experience. Professional teachers with extensive experience, knowledge an
Zooz BeMachol - Studio & Professional Dance Troupes
Azrieli Mall
Classes from age 3 to adults: pre-school dance, jazz, Israeli dance, ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, point, modern dance, breakdance, zumba... Managed by Galit and Roi Kabiri. The Zooz Dance classes and ensemble groups take place in a variety of
Zvika Dance Studio
Dance studio for all ages and all levels, managed by Zvika Ben Hamo. A professional and fun experience! The studio's activities include: Jazz dance lessons Classical ballet and pointe Modern dance Mat pilates for teenage girls, women and me
Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
Azrieli Mall
When you dance out of love, from the passion to dance, everything is possible! For ages 3-90. Groups are small, allowing personal attention for each student, as well as the development of meaningful social connections. Come learn and enjoy
Flamencolor - Ora Shoval's Flamenco Studio
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 activity year! Stamp your feet, play the castanets, and dance to the beautiful and varied flamenco rhythms! Come and learn the various rhythms of flamenco dancing with props (castanets, swords, fan
Modiin General
Dance school.
LaNua BeChen - Dance Studio
Now also in Modiin! The perfect place for your child to learn to dance, and enjoy a wholehearted dance experience, personal attention and important values such as: building social connections, self-confidence, mutual respect and more! Teach

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