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Locksmiths in Modiin

Fixing, sale and installation of locks, from local certified locksmiths
Roni Handyman
Avner Houri
ממליץ בחום החליף לי את העינית במזגן שרות אמין ועובד נקי תודה רוני
Refael Manulanut BeRama - Locksmith
תמר יעל קריספין
איש מיוחד! עשה אצלי בבית עבודה מעל ומעבר! אמין מאוד! ולא לקח לנו הרבה! פשוט כייף שיש בעלי מקצוע כמוהו!
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Harry Rubenstein
Eduardo is a mensch and as professional as they come. I’ve used his locksmith services multiple times as well as visited his store. Trustworthy, fair pricing, quality work.
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Tali Cohen
I have had many good experiences with Eduardo. He is very professional and a pleasure to deal with.
Door Migunim Security & Locks - Uri Kremnitzer
איתן אשכנזי
הייתי צריך לאחרונה להחליף צילינדר לאחר שמפתח נשבר בתוך המנעול. התקשרתי כמובן לאורי קרמניצר. אורי הגיע בזמן שקבענו, ניסה לחלץ את המפתח השבור על מנת למנוע החלפת צילינדר, אך ללא הצלחה. אורי החליף צילינדר תוך כמה דקות וגבה מחיר הוגן מאוד. כן ירבו בעלי מקצוע כמוהו.
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Ofer Aharoni
זה מה שמצפים מאיש מקצוע. הגון שואל את השאלות הנכונות ועושה הכל כדי שאשלם כמה שפחות
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Solomon Center
Experienced locksmith, 20 years in the field of doors and locks. New! Preparation of stamps within 30 minutes. Range of options! Gaining entry to locked houses and cars. Door repairs. Replacement of all types of locks and cylinders. Key-cut
10% Off Key Cutting!
Door Migunim Security & Locks - Uri Kremnitzer
Modiin General
Experts in security solutions, locksmith services and gaining entry to locked houses and cars. Locking solutions for doors and gates Sale, installation and repair of cylinders, mechanical and electric locks and code pads Installation, repai
The HandyMench - A Premier Handyman Service
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Doing virtually every kind of job needed to upkeep the home, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'wor
Tzidky Locks - Fixing, Sale & Installation
Modiin General
Fair prices, dedicated service, local and available 24 hours a day, apart from Shabbat & Chag. For current recommendations! Replacement of all types of locks Opening of home and car locks Installation of steel doors Installation of safe loc
Y.Y. Locks & Shoemakers - Store & Locksmith Services 24/7
Modiin Center
Now back in its' original location in the Modiin Center next to Shufersal. Range of services and repairs for doors and locks, shoe repair services and repairs for leather products and bags. Courteous service with a smile! Immediate 24 hour
Unique Sound - Key Cutting, Diagnostics, Accessories & Multimedia for Cars
Now at Unique Sound: Unlocking original Hyundai/Mitsubishi multimedia screens for Android systems. Call or come to store for more information. Wide range of services & products for your car: Key copying for all types of vehicles Installatio
Eran Yesader HaKol - Blinds and Aluminum Repairs
Modiin General
No commitment home visits - very reasonable prices! * Tested and approved by 'Yatzata Gadol' - stamp of quality. Strap trissim repair Electrical roll trissim repair Window and door repair Screen repair and replacement Door wheels, lifting m
Roni Handyman
Repair services for the home and office.

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