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Hardware Stores & Building Materials in Modiin

All the 'Tambour' shops in Modiin Maccabim Reut! Including building, DIY and maintenance materials, tools, and supplies.
Nun Gimmel Modiin Hardware Store - Keizer Branch
לימור לביא
שירות, יחס ומקצועיות ברמה גבוהה מאוד !!! מחירים טובים ואפשר למצוא שם הכל !!
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
ליאת בן משה
טמבוריה מצויינת , יש בה תמיד הכל במחירים טובים. השירות אדיב ונעים
Bachar Center Hardware Store
Nurit Almagor
אני ממליצה בחום על חנות בכר סנטר,שבמודיעין סנטר, קומה עליונה. כל פעם שאני קונה שם, אני מקבלת שירות מקצועי ואדיב, המוצרים איכותיים מאד ובמחירים אטראקטיביים. אבי ובניו תמיד שמחים לתת סיוע והדרכה מקצועית ( הרבה מעבר למה שמקובל במקומות אחרים ) והם מוודאים שהלקוחות יהנו מהמוצר שרכשו בצורה אופטימאלית. תודה לכם משפחת בכר
Bachar Center Hardware Store
Anita Sandlow Bashary
It's a great Hardware store with a large selection of products. The staff is very helpful. I definitely recommend the store.
Bachar Center Hardware Store
Sharon Franco
שירות יוצא דופן.הגעתי לחנות קיבל אותי אבי המקסים שכיון אותי לפיתרון יצירתי לחיבור אינסטלציה בבית,רכשתי מוט פינוק למקלחת על הדרך וקיבלתי הדרכה להחלפת הברז בכיור.חנות עם אנרגיות טובות ויחס אישי.ממליץ בחום .שרון.
Pitronot Platinum - Hardware Store
Fabian Savir
חנות מצוינת, מיקום מושלם ללא פקקים. מתאים מאוד לתושבי הכרמים והנביאים ולכל עובדי הפארק הטכנולוגי. שרות מצוין
Makor HaPirzul Modiin - Home Design Gallery
הרצל אוליאל
מצויין יש כל מה שצריך
Nun Gimmel Modiin Hardware Store - Keizer Branch
Eli Barat
מחירים טובים,שירות מעולה,מבחר גדול.ממליץ.
Nun Gimmel Modiin Hardware Store - Keizer Branch
שלמה ווקיל
חנות מעולה יש כל מה שצריכים לבית ולבניין המשותף קרובה לשכונה אפשר להגיע ברגל ומוכר אדיב ונחמד.
Nun Gimmel Modiin Building Materials - Matityahu Branch
Michelle Binovitch
Can definitely recommend this business They have been in Kfar rut for the last 30 years Now they have this store in Kaiser as well. Give excellent service and prices.
Bachar Center Hardware Store
Modiin Center
Everything you need for your home and garden under one roof! 25 years of experience in the field! Most convenient and largest store inside the city, with service and prices amongst the best in the area - worthwhile to drop by and get to kno
HaBanai Building Materials Modiin
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Professional store for building and renovations materials. Building materials Tools Paint Hardware Electrics Plumbing Key copying Housewares Service provided by professionals in a variety of fields. Come and visit! [phone] For questions and
HaKol Be-R.A.R - Hardware Store in Azrieli Mall Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Variety of solutions for the home at the well-established hardware store in the Modiin mall, located in the -1 level of the parking lot, for your convenience. Providing a range of products and services, including: Key copying Hardware Batte
HaNisha Shel Roni - Hardware Store
City Center (Ma'ar)
Service given with a high level of English. Hardware store in the Modiin city center. Offering a a wide variety of products, personal service and great prices. Professional advice and guidance to help you find the perfect solution for your
Up to 50% Discount on LED Lightbulbs & Key Cutting!
Kol Bo Tambur Tze'elon
Long established hardware store, with everything you need for house maintenance, repairs and renovations. Including: Electricity Plumbing Work tools Houseware Gardening tools Key-cutting - home and cars (immobilizer) Cylinders for all types
Metalic - Hardware and Building Supplies
Hardware and building supplies for the home and for industry, including: Paint - Electrics - Plumbing - Fixtures and Hardware - Tools - Screws - Building Supplies - key cutting and more... Personal, skilled service at a professional level f
Mi Casa Tu Casa - Hardware Store
A different kind of hardware store, offering complimentary products that compliment your home! Professional service and personal advice that will help you choose the right tools and equipment for each project. Offering a wider variety of pr
Store's Opening Introductory Deals On Home Products!
Nun Gimmel Modiin Hardware Store - Keizer Branch
High quality products at excellent prices! Largest hardware store within Modiin for building equipment and materials. 30 years of experience. Warm, reliable and professional service. Extensive and comprehensive range of products available:
Free Paint Roller with Purchase of Paint!
Rimas Building Materials
Modiin Ilit
Specializing in the sale and supply of building materials, from screws to building blocks, at unrivalled prices. Professional advice and guidance, and caring service for every customer. The store serves contractors as well as the private se
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Hardware store stocking everything, at reasonable prices. All the solutions for your home so that you can maintain it easily, without worries. Offering a wide range of products, including: Paints and glues Plumbing and electricity products
Tambour Keizer Center - Hardware Store & General Repairs
Keizer Center
Everything you need for the house! Including: Building materials Bathroom fittings Garden and watering equipment Key cutting service Locks, vehicles and gate remote-control duplication Coded keys, Ready made grass ('MarvaDeshe') And more...
Shekma - Plastic Products
Modiin General
Sale of flat and curved plastic sheets and a wide range of products for industry, building and DIY from the top companies in Israel and abroad. Serving both individuals and companies. Corrugated sheets: Suntuf / Palruf - clear, colored and
Makor HaPirzul Modiin - Home Design Gallery
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Variety of products to style, upgrade and maintain your home, all under one roof, in a professional and pleasant family-style atmosphere. The inviting store offers: Furniture ShelvingMirrors Variety of home design accessories (frequently up
Nun Gimmel Modiin Building Materials - Matityahu Branch
Large hardware store offering high quality building equipment and materials at excellent prices. 30 years of experience. Warm, reliable and professional service. Extensive and comprehensive range of products available: Building materials ya
Paturiz - Shading, Awnings & Playsets
Providing a broad variety of services for the planning, production and construction of contracting work, including shading solutions, play equipment, fitness equipment, and more. Offering customized service, with innovative and high-quality
Ben Yishai Tzva'im
Paint and building supplies.
Building Depot
Modiin Ilit
Building materials.
Cobra - Metals and Metalwork
Metals and metalwork.
Echad LaBinyan
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Hardware store.
Erco Modiin
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Electrics and lighting.

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