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Handymen in Modiin

Handymen services in the Modiin area, for all kinds of repair, installation, building and maintenance jobs for your home or office.
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
ליאת בן משה
טמבוריה מצויינת , יש בה תמיד הכל במחירים טובים. השירות אדיב ונעים
Refael Sharabi - Handyman
איימי פיין זבולונוב
רפאל, בחור אמין וצנוע, הוגן מאוד במחירים ובעיקר נותן שירות מכל הלב. ממליצה בחום!
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Rivka Hadari
רוני אדם הגון ישר מגיע בזמן פתר את הבעיה ממליצה עליו מכל הלב.
Yariv - Handyman Services
Shlomo Lazarovitz
יריב מקצוען אמיתי שעובד נקי ויסודי במחירים אטרקטיבים . ממליץ מאוד מאוד.
Haim Handyman - Handyman MiBayit Tov
Davida Ruben
I highly recommend Haim! Haim did a few installations in my office - hanging some items and installing curtains. He was quick, professional and did an excellent job! Haim also is such a pleasant and happy person that we had such a nice conversation while he worked! Definitely recommend him for your handyman needs!
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Shoshana Bar Shalom
After 1 phone call in evening, by next morning all my small odd jobs that had been waiting for months were again in working condition. He is very reasonable and a very pleasant person. I highly recommend him. Thank you Rony
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
חני דרעי בן גיגי
הזמנתי את רוני לתקן מזגן שלא קירר ביום חמסין הגיע בתוך חצי שעה ותיקן את התקלה ובמחיר סביר ביותר תודה רוני ממליצה בחום
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Uriel Samson
ממליץ בחום פתר לי בעיה בקלות יעיל ביוצר עם חיוך איש חביב ונחמד תודה רוני
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Yishai Katsch
Cameron is the best Plumber we've ever had. Both his commitment and skill were very apparent when he solved a complex plumbing issue that a few previous plumbers failed to solve.
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Tracey Horowitz
Cam is a real professional . He knows what he is doing and gets it done efficiently with a smile. I highly recommend him for all plumbing work
Eyal - Modiin's HandyMan & Renovations
Aurelie Benizri
אייל איש מקצועי ונאמן, בא במהירות שיא, תיקן יותר ממה שהזמנו אותו ובמחיר יותר מבסדר! ממליצה עליו בחום ואהבה רבה
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Avner Houri
ממליץ בחום החליף לי את העינית במזגן שרות אמין ועובד נקי תודה רוני
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Shoshana Estelle Cramer
Cam is the best.. English speaker, cleans up.. knows his business and he is a menuch. Highly recommended
Hatkanot Modiin - Building Solutions & Wood Works
הללי ואקנין-רוז
ממליצה בחום שירות מקצועי ביותר ויסודי מנסיון מומלץ לכל התקנה
Refael Sharabi - Handyman
תמר יעל קריספין
איש מיוחד! עשה אצלי בבית עבודה מעל ומעבר! אמין מאוד! ולא לקח לנו הרבה! פשוט כייף שיש בעלי מקצוע כמוהו!
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Evelynne Cherny
Cameron knows his trade extremely well. He comes when he says, cleans up after the job and fixes the problem first time. He was my plumber in Australia so very happy to have him in Modi’in.
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Lou Weiss
Cam is the best. He is knowledgeable, fast and efficient. Highest recommendation.
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Julia Broll Wolkind
I am so happy with cam. His service is excellent. He speaks English, he cleans up after himself, his work is to a high standard , a real pleasure to work with.
Eyal - Modiin's HandyMan & Renovations
Sharon Young
Eyal has done a lot of work for us and does a great job in all areas! Not only that, but in a few cases we needed him right away and he came right over. I hIghly recommend his services. Sharon Young
Eyal - Modiin's HandyMan & Renovations
Dave Herman
Eyal is a punctual and responsible handyman. Did many jobs for me. Top quality work with a smile!
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Your handyman in Modiin and the surrounding areas. Courteous, professional, and reliable service at fair prices, starting at 190 ₪. Licensed locksmith - home/car lock opening, door repair services. Cylinder replacement, installation of secu
10% Off All Handyman Jobs
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Hardware store stocking everything, at reasonable prices. All the solutions for your home so that you can maintain it easily, without worries. Offering a wide range of products, including: Paints and glues Plumbing and electricity products
Sherutei Doron - Repair and Maintenance Services
Modiin General
Your handyman in Modiin and the surrounding area! 20 years of experience. Quick, reliable and professional service. Hanging accessories All electrical jobs around the house Assembly and dismounting of furniture Blinds (trisim) repairs Carpe
Yedey Oman (Yossi Avitan) - Building, Renovations & Handyman Work
Modiin General
Solutions for all your renovation needs - from building work, with high level finishing, to specific handyman jobs. Over 20 years of experience in Modiin. [phone] Call now for more information: 055-9704346 Services include: Renewal of showe
10% Off All Renovation and Handyman Jobs!
Legendary Home improvements - Gideon Reiz
Modiin General
Native English speakers. Painting, renovations and handyman services. Expert workmanship and high quality work to American standards. Clean, dependable, organized and friendly. Fair prices! Offering a wide range of services: Interior and ex
Nir Levy - Handyman, Small Moves and Computer Services
Modiin General
A decade of professionalism - under one roof. High level English. Dismantling and assembling cabinets and furniture Hanging pictures, mirrors, televisions, curtains, shelves, glass shelves and more Installing lamps, ceiling fans and heaters
Raanan Satat "Golden Hands" - Painting, Sealing & Handyman Work
Modiin General
Good level of English. Painting of empty or lived-in apartments. Clean and tidy work. All types of household maintenance work: Painting homes. Repairing window nets Repairing blinds Plumbing Assembling IKEA products Fixing ceramics Clearing
10% Off All Painting, Sealing & Handyman Jobs!
Refael Sharabi - Handyman
Modiin General
Locksmith, plumbing and electrical work, as well as assembly/disassembly services. Certified handyman and locksmith (member of the Israeli Locksmiths Assocation). Committed to providing the fairest prices on the market. Fast and direct solu
Avi Bezalel - Triss and Glass Repair
Repair of trissim (blinds), screens, glass, mirrors and wheels. Replacement of motor for electric trissim Replacing wheels on sliding doors Repair and replacement of window screens Repairing slats on trissim Replacing cylinders and handles
Replacement of Blinds and Glass and Installation of Screens within only 24-48 Hours!
Baruch Rubinchick Home Maintenance - Licensed Electrician, Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Renovations
Modiin General
Performing all electrical and plumbing work, as well as general home and building maintenance. Service oriented, professional and reliable. Over 15 years of experience. Modiin resident! Russian speaker. Free consultations. Committed to hono

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