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Fruit & Vegetable Stores in Modiin

The first place for Fruit & Vegetable Stores in Modiin! Always up-to-date with the latest local information.
Yevulei HaForum - Fruit & Vegetable Store
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Fruit and vegetable store with premium goods, fresh every day! Straight from the field, from a family that has been farming for 40 years. Deliveries in Modiin and the surrounding area with no minimum order. 20 ₪ delivery fee, free for order
Carambola - Fruit and Vegetables Boutique
City Center (Ma'ar)
New store in the city center offering a wide range of high quality fruits and vegetables - fresh daily! The store was established by a family of farmers with the goal of providing consumers with high quality produce at affordable prices, pr
‭06/01 - 24/02‬ : Lashukarea - Farmers' Market & Local Products at Lev Reut Center
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Local agricultural market, serving as a hive of activity for farmers, artisans, cooks and the entire population, coming for their weekly shopping. Come and discover a large selection of top quality, fresh ingredients, at the social-communit
Lev HaSade - Fruit and Vegetable Store
Keizer Center
Your first stop for fruits and vegetables, located in the Keizer Center! Wide variety of fruits and vegetables from the best produce in the country, top level Israeli agriculture, with an emphasis on freshness, quality and service, and all
Noy HaSade Modiin - Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Store
City Center (Ma'ar)
Fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. Modiin branch of the chain of agricultural stores for the direct sale of quality produce, established out of an ideal and unequivocal principal - to give the Israeli farmer a home, and Israeli agricult
Metukim Merlaz - Candy Store
Fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices - every week from Tuesday to Friday. Also offering dairy products, frozen and canned products, legumes and cleaning materials. Everything sweet in one place! Store specializing in all kinds o
Keizer Center
Closed down. Replaced by Lev HaSade.
HaYarkania Sheli
Lev HaEmek
Fruit and vegetable store.
Idan HaPri VeHaYerek
Meshek Tshuva - Greengrocer
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Fruit and vegetable store.

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