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Delivery to Modiin and Modiin Ilit
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Same day delivery for orders before 10:00!

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Fresh products delivered to your door!

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  • Easy online ordering
  • Effortlessly update your cart anytime – right up to delivery day!
  • Customer service so good, it will exceed your expectations. All staff bilingual English/Hebrew.
  • Fast, punctual delivery, because you need the food right away
  • Same day delivery for orders before 10:00
  • Expertly packed boxes (no flimsy bags) to ensure nothing breaks or spills
  • Shlepping the heavy stuff for you
  • New American products added all the time
  • All Mehadrin products
  • Produce under the Hashgacha of Badatz Eida Hacharedit
  • Wide range of supermarket products: fruits and vegetables, dairy and grocery products, snacks, frozen foods, drinks and wine, gluten-free and organic products, cleaning products and more!

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Sun-Thu: same-day delivery for orders places by 10:00.

24/6 ordering.



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