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Wine & Liquor Stores

All stores selling alcoholic beverages in the Modiin area
Siesta - Liquor & Tobacco Store (Modiin Center Branch)
Modiin Center
The best prices in town for alcoholic drinks! Large range of Israel and imported wines and beers, alcoholic drinks and liqueurs, including vodka and whisky from leading brands, energy drinks, nargilas and tobacco products (including electro
Mashiach Olam HaYayin - Spices, Alcoholic Drinks & Deli Foods
Modiin Center
Shuk Levinsky has come to Modiin! New wineries now in store: Kedem, Bartenura, Psagot and Shilo. New in store - large variety of frozen vegan, vegetarian and meat ready made foods: Vegan: red lentil patties, green lentil patties, zucchini p
1 Kilo Walnuts for 39.90 + Crazy Discounts also on Almonds, Cashews and Brazil Nuts!!
Popa Tabaco Modiin - Liqueur & Tobacco Store
The Modiin branch of the biggest chain in Israel for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products! The store offers you a one stop place for all the tobacco products from the leading companies, smoking and other related accessories, as well as
Basher Fromagerie Modiin - Cheese Deli
Azrieli Mall
The delicatessen is a branch of the best and leading fromagerie chain in the country! At the delicatessen you can discover over 1,000 types of boutique cheeses, unique wines, butters and delicacies from all across the world. In addition, of
Ivgi Delicatessen Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Modiin branch of the veteran delicatessen from Shuk Machane Yehuda, offering a range of special, home-style delicacies. Range of products in store includes: Boutique cheeses from throughout the world Boutique Israeli cheeses Highest quality
October Deals on Cheeses and Artichokes!
Munch - Convenience Store
City Center (Ma'ar)
At your service from early in the morning until late at night! Huge range of products available: All types of alcohol Tobacco products All types of candies and snacks Smoking and rolling products Ice creams, popsicles and soft drinks Dairy
New York Deli
Keizer Center
Boutique delicatessen offering a wide range of high quality products and essentials, including: High quality cheeses Coldcuts Pastas Sauces Snacks Wines and alcoholic drinks Dairy products Cookies Breads Everything you need for a perfect pi
Jachnun on Shabbat - 5+1 Free!
Siesta - Liquor & Tobacco Store (Keizer Center Branch)
Keizer Center
Second branch, joining the original one in Modiin Center. The best prices in town for alcoholic drinks! Large range of Israel and imported wines and beers, alcoholic drinks and liqueurs, including vodka and whisky from leading brands, energ
Yummy - Convenience Store
Euro Shops
Now in the store: Live screening of all Euro matches! Screening on a huge screen, with drinks, pitzuchim, and a great atmosphere! Wide range of alcoholic drinks, smoking products, candy, balloons and lottery tickets, as well as home deliver
Deals on Vodka, Whiskey and Wine!
Artzenu - Kosher LeMehadrin Meat Delivered to Your Home
High quality, Mehadrin meat from the pastures of Ramat HaGolan, delivered directly to your home! Natural and healthy meat, ethically raised, with care for the animals, and without any antibiotics, hormones or other additives. All products a

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