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Massage Therapists in Modiin

Over 10 professional massage therapists offering a wide variety of massage techniques.
Diana Donat - Beauty Treatments and Massage
ריקי אשכנזי
דיאנה מקסימה. רגישה ומקצןעית. קוסמטיקאית מומלצת לטיפולי פנים, אפילציה ושעווה 🥰
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Soshia Becker-Feldhamer
I went to Rachel for medical messages to help my frozen shoulder and she literally was magic! After several sessions it was sooo much better! Book now!
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Tamar Spector
Rachel is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. She is so professional and knows her field so well. After her massages, I feel so relaxed and happy.
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Yael Sacagawea
Rachel has a magic touch! She is very skilled in what she does and always makes me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her services
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Sarah Kirshner
Really professional! Rachel knows how to best get out those stubborn Knotts and I always feel so refreshed after a session with her. 10/10 would recommend
Diana Donat - Beauty Treatments and Massage
ריקי אחדות
ממליצה בחום על עיסוי מעולה שקיבלתי אצל דיאנה כמה פעמים מסוג לימפטי, רגיל וקצוות. גם טיפולי פנים התחלתי ואני רואה שינוי יפה מאוד בעור הפנים שלי. ולבסוף לקחתי את הבן שלי פעם אחת לטיפול בפצעוני גיל התבגרות והיה סבבה לגמרי 😃
Diana Donat - Beauty Treatments and Massage
ELena Shtaif
ממליצה מאוד לכל אחת להגיעה לטיפול מפנק בקליניקה של דיאנה , שיודעת לאבחן ולהתאים את הטיפול הנכון לעור הפנים, עם מקצועיות, סבלנות ואכפתיות...פעם הייתי סקפתית ,עד שהגעתי עליה, היום אני בידים טובות !
Daniella Tannenwald - Massage & Reflexology
Tracey Roome
Highly recommend Daniella Never felt so relaxed in my life Can’t wait for my next treatment
Ilana - Masseuse & Certified Reflexologist
Genia Nava Raviv Abramson
אילנה מטפלת בחסד עליון.יש לה ידי זהב.היא לא רק משחררת שרירים אלא גם מזרימה כוחות חדשים.ואת כול זאת היא עושה בנועם ובשמחה.
Ilana - Masseuse & Certified Reflexologist
שרית קלמן
אוירה קסומה ,מרגיעה ונעימה בחדר הטיפולים היפיפה , הנקי והמטופח . הידים של אילנה עושות קסמים והעיסוי מקצועי , מפנק ומרגיע. אני יוצאת ממנה בכוחות מחודשים כל פעם מחדש . תענוג אמיתי , ממליצה בחום
Daniella Tannenwald - Massage & Reflexology
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Native English speaker. Certified reflexologist and massage therapist. Passionate about therapies with intense concern for your well being. You are welcome to come and experience a place you can call your sanctuary, even if just for a short
Free Aromatherapy Oil with Booking of Massage / Aromatherapy Treatment!
Diana Donat - Beauty Treatments and Massage
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Professional, dedicated beauty treatments and massages that will fill you with good energy, by listening to you and tending to your needs. Cosmetic treatments: Beauty treatments for instant glow effect (recommended before events) Deep facia
HaMerchav HaPnimi - Experts in Complementary Medicine
Specialists' center for a wide variety of treatments, from Chinese medicine - acupuncture, pain treatments, herbal medicine treatment and nutritional counseling; to shiatsu, reflexology, various types of massages, and treatment using the NL
Hana Iber - Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reflexology & Massage Treatments
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Woke up in pain? Can't move? Treatment of a wide range of medical and imbalance issues of the body, for the significant reduction of pain and various symptoms for all conditions. Treatments for women only. Option for home visits. Click here
Healing Waves Hydrotherapy and Medical Massage - Gal Ladany
Kfar HaOranim
Native English speaker. Certified hydrotherapist and senior medical massage practitioner, offering a variety of treatments in a private massage and rehabilitation clinic. Combining a range of techniques in order to achieve maximum results,
Healing with Miriam - Medical Massage Therapist & Reflexologist
Licensed and experienced medical massage therapist and reflexologist. Specializing in deep tissue massage, focusing on problematic areas in the body suffering from acute and chronic pain. Also offering relaxing Swedish massage sessions for
Ilana - Masseuse & Certified Reflexologist
Range of pampering massage treatments, in a serene atmosphere, accompanied by scented candles and pleasant music: Swedish massage, French massage, deep tissue massage, hot stones, lumi lumi, scalp and foot massages, massages for pregnant wo
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Highly personalized and customized massage treatments by a therapist with years of experience, and based on your individual needs. Charged by the amount of time, not the type of treatment, so you can afford the best care in the right amount
Rifa Tziri - Holistic Massage and Reflexology
The holistic approach to feeling great - feel much better in under an hour! Relaxing and rejuvenating massage and reflexology treatments in a new, comfortable clinic: Swedish massage Reflexology Hopi ear candling Hot stones Cupping Optimal
Valeriy Chernin - Certified Massage Therapist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Unique combined massage technique that works with fascia and muscles to ease back and neck pain, stress, exhaustion and cellulite, as well as rejuvenating and smoothing the skin. English speaker. Massage therapies provided include: Wellness
Vivi Kosowsky Holistic Healing - Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu
Offering a range of holistic options for the treatment, maintenance and prevention of a variety of conditions, for women only. More than 20 years of experience. Treatment methods include: Aromatherapy Swedish massage Hot stone massage Shiat
Baruch - Senior Medical Masseur
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Professional and pampering medical massages to ease muscle tension and provide pain relief, as well as integrative medicine treatments, by a senior and experienced masseur, at the clinic or in your home. Treatments in a pleasant and relaxin
Bool Modiin - Premium Massage Products Store
Azrieli Mall
Advanced massage and spa products, for a relaxing and pampering experience, at home or in the office, at any moment you feel like taking a break to release the tension in your body! Modiin branch of the chain from Eilat. Variety of high qua
Free Massage + More Special Deals on Massage Devices!
Chanoch Hofstetter - Professional, Attentive & Calming Massage
House Calls in Modiin & The Area
Highly professional, meticulous massages, attentive to your spoken, physical and mental needs, combining a variety of massage styles. Massages take place at a private clinic or your home, with a massage bed, oils, candles and a variety of m
Inbal Naor - Chinese Medicine Therapist
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Enjoy a life without pain! Specializing in pain treatment: back pain, herniated / slipped discs, Fibromyalgia neck pain, whiplash, knee pains, spurs and more. Certified practitioner of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs,

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