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The Dance Center - Ayala & Zvika

Modiin Municipal Pool Gymnasium, Koral & Egoz Shelters in Reut

New! Ballet and modern dance for women, ages 18 and up - Come on and dance!

New! AcroDance, classes for kids who like challenges: acrobatics, balance and dance for kita vav and up.

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Ballet, jazz and modern dance classes for children, youth and adults.

Teaching the culture of dance – and during the years have raised thousands of dancers to have self-confidence and connect to the roots of movement.

Most veteran dance school in the city, active since 1992. The center excels in its preservation of quality and professionalism, work on both body and soul, and values-based education.

The method, especially developed for children ages 3 and up, is aimed to protect the bodies and spirits of the young dancers, and completely adapts ballet education to their early physical, spiritual and mental developmental level.

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