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Ulpan in Modiin

Olim Center, Israel Peled, Maccabim

Ulpan co-ordinator – Rita Scharf.

  • Morning and Evening Ulpanim available for Adult Olim up to 10 years in the country. Duration: 5 months, during the morning.
  • The department runs 3 different levels of Ulpan (Alef, Bet and Gimmel).
  • There is also a Pensioners Ulpan.
  • If your level or the hours of our Ulpan do not suit you, you can get a referral from the Ministry of Absorption and travel to any other Ulpan in the area.
  • In order to open an Ulpan class, there needs to be 25 candidates.

Please call for more information.

Children's Morning Ulpan:

  • Children grades 1-6 receive an intense 5-6 month daily Ulpan from 08:00-13:30 in Modiin.
  • Grades 7-12 also receive ulpan hours, or are transported to an Ulpan in Jerusalem.
  • Once the Ulpanim finish the kids are integrated back into their regular schools and are provided with extra assistance if needed.


Sun–Wed: 08:00-13:00.


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