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Outdoor Gyms in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

The full list of outdoor gyms in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. Each location includes a large variety of equipment.

Their locations:

  • Asher street (access from the path next to house number 4)
  • Binyamin opposite house number 26
  • Sportek on Shderot Begin
  • Corner of Nachal Chever and Migdal HaLevanon
  • Emek HaChula 1 (corner of Sderot Yair Parag)
  • Emek Dotan - opposite the Ofek school
  • Emek Ayalon (opposite house number 1)
  • Emek Zevulun 11, next to the sports hall
  • Emek Zevulun (opposite house number 21)
  • Tayelet on Sderat HaChashmonaim between Emek HaEla and Emek Beit Shean
  • Emek Beit She'an (opposite house number 54 by the football pitch)
  • Emek HaEla - open area 724 at the western exit of the city
  • Park on Rechov Kislev 69
  • Lev Reut shopping center (opposite entrance to high school)
  • The water tower in Reut - Maale HaMor street
  • Park at Merkaz Einav (Yishpro)
  • Garden on Yona HaNavi 4
  • Sderot Yitzchak Rabin, cormer of Sderot HaChashmona'im



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