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23/02 : Ad-Lo-Yada 2018 - Closed Roads

On Fri 23/2/18 Modiin will be celebrating Purim with its traditional Purim procession.

The procession will take place on Emek HaChula, starting on the Maccabim-Reut road (Derech Yair Parag) at the northern part of Emek HaChula, turning back at the Nahar HaYarden junction and finishing at the Amphi Park.

Between 09:30-16:00, the following streets will be closed for driving/parking:

  • Both sides of Emek Hachula from Derech Yair Parag to Nachal Iyun (The Country Center).
  • Nachal Ga'aton (towards Emek HaChula) will be blocked at the junction with Nachal Bezek and the junction with Nachal Netafim until 14:30.
  • Nachal Tavor will be closed until 14:30.
  • Emek Yizrael (East) will be blocked at the junction with Nachal Bezek.
  • Emek Yizrael (West) will be blocked at the junction with Emek Dotan.
  • Nachal HaYarmouch will be blocked at the junction with Emek Yizrael.
  • Nachal Tzin will be blocked at the junction with Emek HaChula and at the junction with Nachal Paran - residents of the streets Nachal Tzin / Nachal Paran / Nachal Kidron / Nachal Snir will be able to access their homes from this closure on presentation of their ID card.
  • Nahar HaYarden will be blocked where it meets Emek HaChula south until 14:30.

From 14:30 Emek HaChula will be open to traffic from Yair Parag to Sharbat Center in both directions, and from Azrieli Mall to Nahar HaYarden.

Residents of Givat C and Buchman are advised to reach the center of town through Derech Chashmonaim and not via Nachal Tzin and Nahar HaYarden.

Please note!

Between 09:30-16:00 residents of Emek HaChula will not be be allowed to enter the road with their cars.

  • Lost children will be located at the entrance to Netiv Zvulun school.
  • Pets will not be allowed into the procession area.
  • Cars parked along Emek HaChula will be towed.
  • Personal/IDF weapons will not be permitted in the event area.
  • No entry for vehicles, including bicycles and electric bikes.

Disabled Parking

Entry for cars with disability sticker will be through Emek HaChula from the direction of Yair Parag against the direction of traffic (Emek HaChula south) up to Merkaz Sharbat. At Merkaz Sharbat there will be an accessible viewing area.

Public Transportation

Between the hours 09:30-16:00 there will be changes in the routes of public transportation both within the city and on inter-city routes. An update on schedules and routes can be found on the Iriyah website, the Kavim website and via the Kavim company hotline. *8787.


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