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08/06 - 09/06 : Tikkun Leil Shavuot 2019 in Modiin

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In accordance with the current Corona virus regulations, this event is cancelled.


For the list of all the shuls and places where there will be shiurim in Hebrew in Modiin Maccabim Reut for Tikkun Leil Shavuot on Saturday night 8/6/19 - click here!

In the link you can find an official list of synagogues, timetables, names of lecturers and the topic of the shiurim.

Shavuot Learning Programs in English at Kehillat Darchei Tzion, 4 Emek Zevulun (Amit Boys Campus):

All night Shavuot learning programs in English, including both talks, and interactive Gemara learning groups.

In addition, there is an all night Beit Midrash. Rav Yona Simons will lead Gemara learning groups all night, with place for private study as well.

Hot and Cold refreshments and snacks will be served throughout the night.


  • 23:15: Channa Lockshin Bob - Stumbling blocks, blind people, and religious life in a secular world: Examining Talmudic and halakhic sources about religious-secular interactions
  • 24:00: Rav Eliezer Chaim Shenwald - תורת שבועות (in Hebrew)
  • 00:45: Nadav Ellinson - One Rav, one truth. Or can you make up your own mind?
  • 01:30: Ron Nahshon - There’s something about that ש: Finding mistakes in a Sefer Torah
  • 02:15: Ilan Griboff - We’re still a parasha ahead of חו“ל: Intricacies of the Jewish calendar
  • 03:00: Open Beit Midrash
  • 04:00 Aryeh Grossman - If Rosh Hashana is the moed of Matan Torah, what's Shavuot about?
  • 04:45: Megillat Ruth and Shacharit


In the Beit Midrash all night:

  • Rav Yona Simons - Gemara Chabura on Sukkah and Bava Batra
  • 00:45 - Marc Zeffren - Gemara Chabura on Beitza


Saturday night, 6 Sivan, 8/6.


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