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21/11 - 23/11 : Tzlilei Stav Music Festival Modiin 2019 - The Free Shows [Free]

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Full schedule of the shows with free entry (For details on paid shows scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Special event filled with sounds and harmony, starting from classical music, world music, jazz and rock to Israeli music.

The full program:

First Festival Day: Thu 21/11/19

22:30: The Jazz Pipes

Modiin's official big band orchestra, conducted by Eli Benacot, with updated renditions of jazz, pop, rock music, and Israeli songs. The show will take place at the end of the opening event.

Location: Heichal HaTarbut lobby, Emek Dotan 49.


Second Festival Day: Fri 22/11/19

12:30-16:00: Jam Station

Musical street scene meetup at the train station: pop, rock, reggae, hip hop and more...

  • Interlude
  • HaSapa Shel Freud
  • Likrat Piruk
  • Bluberry - the rock band from Ironi Aleph that got into the playlists of Galgalatz and Kan-88.
  • Bnei Adam band - dizzying journey through the world of reggae with energy, rhythm and magic

Accessibility: elevator from the public transportation area to the plaza of the train station

Location: Public transportation center, Lev Ha'Ir 2.

13:00: Pulkes Band - Guest: Eyal Talmudi

Show combining groove funk, klezmer music and more to move the soul.

Location: Heichal HaTarbut lobby, Emek Dotan 49.

14:00: BaKetzev HaLev

Welcome Shabbat in the park with Jewish music and Chassidic rhythms, with an ensemble from the Kabbalistic city of Tzfat.

Location: Park on Migdal HaLevanon. If it rains the show will take place in the entrance of the Masuat Neriah school, Nachal Tzalmon 21.

15:00 HaZemeret MeTucuman

Yonit Shaked-Golan and the Latin American folklore ensemble in a tribute to the great soul singer from Argentina Mercedes Sosa. Her most famous and well-known songs alongside pieces of Argentinian music that accompanied her on her visit to Israel.

Location: Event plaza on Emek HaChula, opposite no. 101. If it rains the show will take place in the sports hall of Ironi Aleph.

16:30: Malabi Tropical

Four virtuoso musicians who are committed to bringing joy to people around the world, and get them dancing, in a music show that includes 'classic' tropical styles such as calypso and merengue, as well as gypsy music and influences from Mediterranean music.

Location: on the bridge connecting the Tziporim and Nofim neighborhoods. If it rains the show will take place on the covered sports court of the Nitzanim school, Yitzchak Rabin 32.

Third Festival day: Saturday 23/11/19

11:00: Tzo'aney HaOr

Amidst tall pine trees, somewhere in a clearing, a happy Balkan gypsy celebration, that will sweep you into a big and joyful party.

Location: Technological Park, HaShdera HaMerkazit 24, gravel area next to the Delek gas station. If it rains the event will be cancelled.

13:00: Ground Heights

The 'Yisrethiopia' ensemble combines the language and rhythms of the Bnei Beta Yisrael with musical influences from Israel's new generation. Musical encounter between authentic tradition and culture, and innovative and modern music.

Location: Grass area at entrance to Reut, Mevo Reut. If it rains, the show will take place at the sports hall of the Mor school, Simtat Hadarim.

14:00: Harp Quarter Versailles

A breathtaking trip around the world, with a special and unique ensemble consisting of four virtuoso harpists. A journey that crosses borders, countries and styles.

Location: Emek Ayalon park opposite no. 39. Seating on the grass. If it rains, the event will take place in the sports hall of the HaYovel school, Ginat Ayalon 34.

16:00: Tal Kravitz

A journey around the world, bringing together ethnic musical instruments and Israeli classics. A journey that begins with the childhood memories of the artist from the days of the kibbutz, to encounters with peoples and tribes in remote places around the world.

Location: Emek Beit Shean Park. above the Chargol park opposite no.16. If it rains the performance will take place at the sports hall of the Asif school, Emek Beit Shean 4.

17:00: Totzeret Mekomit

Tichon Ironi Aleph's show chamber ensemble. Classical music from all eras for the enjoyment of the audience, in various arrangements. Conducted by Roni Cohen.

Location: Lobby of Tichon Ironi Aleph, Dam HaMaccabim 9.

16:00: Derech Chadasha - Trio Yogev Shitrit

Music drawn from his roots, from the home where he grew up, Andalusian, Moroccan, Jewish and Israeli music, alongside contemporary jazz, punk and other influences from different cultures.

Partial accessibility: Disabled parking area. No disabled bathrooms on floor of event. Viewing of performance from top section of amphitheater only in area of stairwell.

Location: Branco Weiss school, Arvei Nachal 51, Reut.

19:00: The Israeli Flute Orchestra

Ensemble of 20 flutes from the piccolo to the contrabass. Works from the Renaissance to contemporary music, alongside original arrangements.

Location: Hall of the Palace senior living facility, Tze'elon 1.

22:30: Brass Instrument Orchestra

Beer Sheva municipal brass instrument orchestra, named after Nissim Alsheich.

Conducted by Maestro Micha David in a concert combining classical compositions with modern works from Israeli song and music.

With the participation 100 singers from the Modiin, Arava, Cantcapella and Adam choirs.

Accessibility: full accessibility for those in wheelchairs and with limited mobility. Disables parking behind the municipal library. No disabled bathrooms.

Location: Amphi of Ironi Bet, entrance from Emek Yizrael 6. If it rains the show will take place in the Ironi Bet sports hall.


Thu-Sat 21-23/11.



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