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Road Closures for the 2016 Modiin Run

Due to the Modiin Run on Friday 9/12/16 there will be changes in the city's traffic arrangements.

The following roads will be closed to traffic from 06:00 to 11:30:

Emek Dotan between Emek Yizrael (west) and Emek Yizrael (east), as well a Emek Dotan from the corner of Ginot Dotan (opposite house number 27-29) and up to the corner of Klil HaChoresh (Holmes place traffic circle).

Between 07:45-11:30 the following roads will be closed to traffic:

  • Emek Dotan (uneven numbers) eastwards from the corner of Emek Yizrael to Yair Parag.
  • Emek Dotan on Titora side from Yair Parag until the corner of Klil HaChoresh (Holmes Place traffic circle).
  • Those coming from Klil HaChoresh will only have a right turn onto Emek Dotan.
  • Those travelling on Emek Dotan from Merlaz to Park HaDagim will have a right turn onto Emek Yizrael or left to Klil HaChorsh (no continuation straight to Yair Parag.
  • No right turn from Emek HaChula to Emek Yizrael (west).
  • Exit from Nachal Yarmuch to Emek Yizrael - right turn only (in the direction of Emek HaChula).
  • No entry/exit to/from Nachal Beztet during run.
  • No exit from Emek Yizrael to Emek Dotan.
  • Left turn only from Nachal Bezek in the direction of Emek Yizrael.
  • Yair Parag from Emek Dotan (north) to the Reut entrance traffic circle - eastern lane will be closed.
  • Sderot HaMaccabim, entrance/exit to Maccabim - will be closed in both directions.
  • Sderot Begin will be closed in both directions from Kikar HaGvura at the entrance of Reut up to the traffic circle by the corner of Leah Imenu. (on Begin, the road closest to the residents' houses will be open to traffic as usual).
  • There will be no exit to Emek Dotan from the following roads: Emek Yizrael, Nachal Bezet, Nachal Ga'aton, Nachal Taninim.
  • There will be no entry/exit for cars on Emek Dotan on number 1-37.
  • Emek Yizrael (west) will be turned into a one direction street in the direction of Emek HaChula. From the exit of Nachal Yarmuch in the direction of Emek Yizrael there will only be a right turn.
  • The roads crossing Emek Dotan at Malibu Center and at the Moadon HaNoar at Emek Dotan 27-29 will be closed.
  • The entry/exit from Reut will only be to the north via Yair Parag in the direction of Emek HaChula (according to police instructions).
  • Entry to Maccabim will be only from the 443 on Yair Parag up to The Emek Dotan junction and from their on the opposite driving lane via the northern Maccabim entrance (according to police instructions and signage).
  • Exit from Maccabim will only via HaRishonim, via the northern entrance and from there only right towards the 443 (according to police instructions and signage).
  • Entrance to Reut only via Emek HaChula. No entrance to Reut via the 443.
  • Residents of Emek Dotan are requested not to park their cars along house numbers 1-37, but in their building parking lots. Cars parked along route will be towed.

Due to the race there will be the following changes in public transportation:

  • Student routes will function as usual until 08:00
  • From 06:00 all intercity bus routes will leave from Emek HaChula 10 at the stop by the Dorot School
  • Routes 1 and 2 will turn to Emek HaChula from Emek Yizrael west.
  • Route 4 will not enter Maccabim between 08:00 and 11:00.
  • Route 12 will go down Leah Imenu until the traffic circle on Menachem Begin, then turn back to Leah Imenu, turn right to Sara Imenu, right on Esther HaMalka and right onto Menachem Begin, and stop at the corner of Begin and Esther HaMalka and from there continue as usual, with the bus turning right from Emek HaChula to Nachal Ayun up to Emek Dotan and will skip the Emek Yizrael / Nachal Yarmuch and Klil HaChorsh / Emek Dotan stops.

The streets will be blocked and re-opened according to the progress of the race. Further details can be obtained from the city Moked 106.


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