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Corona Related Guidelines and Information from the Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Municipality
Modiin General
Updates (in English) true to Wed April 1, 2020: All the information on the new 'Test & Go' facility in Modiin for Coronavirus testing The new emergency regulations from Tuesday 31/3 Special service of supermarket phone delivery orders for s
Supermarket Phone Delivery Orders for Senior Residents
Modiin General
Initiative by the Community Department of the Iriyah to provide senior residents in Modiin Maccabim Reut with the option to place an order by phone from a range of supermarkets in the city - based on the emergency guidelines and in order no
Test & Go Station - Coronavirus Testing Facility
Modiin General
A MADA drive-through facility in Modiin for carrying out Coronavirus tests. Entrance is only after being summoned. The facility is located at the Municipal Sports Center parking lot on Emek Zevulun. The new testing area, operating as of 31/
Emergency Hotline for Senior Residents in Modiin
Modiin General
New service from the Modiin Maccabim Reut Iriyah to serve senior residents due to the spread of the Corona virus in Israel. The service includes: Important updates relevant to seniors on the Corona virus and in general, in real time. Option
Guidelines from the Modiin Rabbanut for Jewish Rituals Due to the Spread of the Corona Virus
Modiin General
Update as of Tuesday 31/3 Based on the new emergency guidelines from 31/3: Entry to Mikvaot - only by prior arrangement from 17:00 onwards. Also, for health and hygiene reasons, each woman visiting the Mikve should come fully ready for Tevi
2020 Knesset Election Results in Modiin - by Neighborhood
Modiin General
The 5 parties that got the most votes in each and every neighborhood of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, and the overall results in the city (including a comparison to the results in September). Overall results in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Kachol Lavan - 4
Changes in Recycling Services in Modiin - Orange Bin Replacing Brown Bin
Modiin General
During 2020, Modiin residents will start to recycle packaging waste in orange bins, which will be placed in garbage rooms and recycling spots around the city. During the same period, the brown bins used for organic waste will be removed -si
Ganim & School Registration for 2020/21
Modiin General
The registration period for next school year will last three weeks, starting Monday 27/1/20, ending on Sunday 16/2/20. The registration is intended for ages: pre-chova, chova, 1st grade and also 7th grade in the Mamlachti-Dati schools (regi
September 2019 Knesset Election Results in Modiin - by Neighborhood
Modiin General
The 5 parties that got the most votes in each and every neighborhood of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, and at the end of the list - also the overall results in the city (including a comparison to the results in April). kramim (Tzipor) Kachol Lavan -
2019-2020 School & Ganim Placement Results
To view the results click here! As of 13/6/19 at 15:00 and up until 23/6/19 at 10:00, the results of the school and ganim placements for the next school year in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut will be available for viewing on the municipal website. A
Update on the Enforcement of Parking in Modiin
Modiin General
To apply for a parking permit from the Municipality website click here! 15/5/19 Update: Starting from 19/5/19 an additional new policy will come into effect, which forbids parking in three city parking lots between 01:00 and 05:00. These pa
April 2019 Knesset Election Results in Modiin - by Neighborhood
Modiin General
For the results in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut of the September 2019 elections - click here! The 5 parties that got the most votes in each and every neighborhood of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, and at the end of the list - also the overall results in the
Modiin's Public Transportation Municipal Hotline
Modiin General
New 24 hour hotline for collecting feedback from residents about the city's public transportation, in order to improve it and make it more efficient. The hotline does not replace the Kavim company's service and information hotline, but rath
Garbage, Garden Waste, Junk and Recycling Pickup Days in Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Update for Pesach 2020: The last day for putting out garden waste, junk and cardboard boxes is 5/4/20, after which there will be increased enforcement. From 6/4/20 it is forbidden to put out waste, junk and cardboard boxes until after the
Building Expansion Program for Modiin
Modiin General
To see a presentation of which expansions will be allowed click here On Sunday 15/7/18, the Modiin Planning and Building Committee approved the plan for building expansions, after additional objections were submitted. The plan will be publi
Number of Residents in Modiin Maccabim Reut - The City in Numbers Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2019
Modiin General
On Israel's 71st Independence Day, there are 94,820 residents in Modiin Maccabim Reut, compared to 93,566 residents (an increase of 1,254 people) on the previous Independence Day - according to the municipality's population registry (accura
Opening of the New Iriyah Parking Lot
Modiin General
After several months of work, the upgraded parking lot opposite the Iriyah building on Dam HaMaccabim has now opened. The parking lot was previously not organized, and has now been given an asphalt cover, offering 240 marked parking spaces.
Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Yishpro & Pa'atei Modiin Station
Modiin General
Israel Railways has announced new, additional dates when Route 431 will be closed for the construction of the pedestrian bridge connecting Merkaz Einav to the Pa'atei Modiin railway station. The project will also serve train passengers trav
Electrical Appliance, Electronic Device & Battery Recycling in Modiin
Modiin General
The MAI (Michzur Electroni LeIsrael) corporation together with the Iriyah has placed collection stations around the city for electrical waste and battery recycling, in order to enable all residents of the city to separate and recycle pollut
Paid Parking and Parking Permits for Modi'in Residents
Modiin General
To apply for a parking permit from the Municipality website click here! Starting from 11/2/18 the Municipality will start enforcing the new parking arrangements in the center of the city at the Park Anava parking lot and at the parking lot
First Hotel in Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Great success for the tender for the establishment of Modiin Maccabim Reut's first hotel, which will contain 50 hotel rooms and another 30 residential units (with the possibility of conversion to hotel rooms). The hotel, which will be built
Bus Routes for Students in Modiin - 2019/20 School Year
Modiin General
For details of routes on the Municipality's website - click here! For details and schedules on the Kavim site - click here! Students that go to a school in the neighborhood where they live can travel on any of the regular bus routes that op
New Public Transportation System in Modiin
Modiin General
Update from Monday, 18/9/17 regarding the new transportation system. Following the requests of residents, after three weeks in which the new transportation system was implemented, a series of changes and improvements to the bus routes are t
Modiin Facebook Groups
Modiin General
Modiin has a wide variety of Facebook groups. For your convenience, we have listed below the groups with the largest number of active users, and whose content is not mainly advertising (unless that is their stated purpose). If you know of a
Iriyah Policy on Private Events in Public Parks
Modiin General
All the details and procedures to be taken into account before planning to hold a party or event in one of the parks in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. Please note that a special permit is required for events at Anava Park. Permitted events include:
Operation and Prices of the Tzaharonim in Modi'in for the 2017/8 School Year
Modiin General
With the announcement of the implementation of 'Tzaharonim Chevrati'im' throughout the country, Amutat Sachlavim sent a questionnaire to the 2,800 parents of children enrolled in the tzaharonim for the coming school year, in order to formul
2015 Knesset Election Results in Modiin - by Neighborhood
Modiin General
kramim (Tzipor) Likud - 26.7% Zionist Camp - 24.8% Yesh Atid - 19.8% Kulanu - 11.9% HaBayit HaYehudi - 6.9% HaNevi'im (Shimshoni Tzafon) Zionist Camp - 31% Likud - 22% Yesh Atid - 19% Kulanu - 9% HaBayit HaYehudi - 7% HaMeginim (Shimshoni T
2015 Knesset Election Results in Modiin & the Area
Modiin General
Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Total no' of voters: 43,995. Voter turnout: 80.45%. Zionist Camp - 29.06% Likud - 22.87% Yesh Atid - 18.01% HaBayit HaYehudi - 10.56% Kulanu - 8.12% Meretz - 4.84% Israel Beitenu- 2.19% Shas - 1.25% Yachad - 1.17% Aleh
The New City Center of Modiin
Modiin Maccabim Reut's new main business center (MAR) has started to open, and is now open to traffic! The new city center is planned to be the city's main leisure and recreation area, featuring a kilometer-long avenue (Sdera) with wide sid
Nofim Neighborhood
Modiin General
Situated in the heart of a green hill, a few minutes away from Modiin Maccabim Reut's main entertainment and shopping venues, the Nofim neigborhood will include around 1,850 apartments, as well as commercial areas, educational and public bu

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