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Electrical Appliance, Electronic Device & Battery Recycling in Modiin

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The MAI (Michzur Electroni LeIsrael) corporation together with the Iriyah has placed collection stations around the city for electrical waste and battery recycling, in order to enable all residents of the city to separate and recycle polluting electrical and battery waste.

  • Electrical waste represents only 2% of our waste, but contains 70% off the polluting elements in home waste.
  • When purchasing new electrical appliances, the seller is obligated to take your old appliance for recycling (from your home or the store), at no additional charge.

Where to recycle electrical waste and batteries?

Recycling stations for electrical, electronic and battery recycling are located throughout the city. Most are located in Iriyah buildings and schools. You can find the recycling station closest to you on MAI's website page for Modiin Maccabim Reut.

Collection stations for electrical and electronic items

  • Ganim veNof Department in Maccabim - turn right at the end of HaRishonim, third entrance on right.
  • "Chava veAdam" ecological farm (see link below), Ginat HaEla 261.
  • Public parking lot behind the Ironi Bet school, Emek Yizrael 6.

Stations for the collection of small electrical appliances and batteries are located in elementary schools and supermarkets in the commercial centers.

Collections stations for electronic devices and batteries

Collection stations for electrical devices have been placed in the elementary schools in Modiin Maccabim Reut in cooperation with MAI as part of the Environmental Protection Ministry and the environmental unit of the city's Shefa Department.

Each school has two collection stations, one for batteries and the other for small electrical waste up to a size of 50 cm.

Studens and teachers are encouraged to bring old electrical devices to the containers in their schools.

List of schools:

  • Shivtei Yisrael
  • Ariel
  • Alonim
  • Maoz HaMaccabim
  • HaYovel
  • Re'im
  • Masu'at Neriah
  • Nitzanim
  • Netiv Zevulun
  • Asif
  • Keshet
  • Ramon
  • Chut HaShani
  • Darchei Yehuda
  • Avnei Chen
  • Avnei HaChoshen
  • Yachad
  • Kramim
  • Shibolim
  • Yozma
  • Ofek
  • Dorot
  • Idanim



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