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Number of Residents in Modiin Maccabim Reut - The City in Numbers Yom Ha'Atzmaut 2021

Information from the Modiin municipal spokesman
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

On Israel's 73rd Independence Day, there are 97,385 residents in Modiin Maccabim Reut, compared to 95,878 residents (an increase of 1,507 people) on the previous Independence Day - according to the municipality's population registry (accurate as of 14/4/2021).

The data shows that the number of men and women in the city is almost equal, with 49,048 women and 48,337 men. Out of which: 41% are married, 5% divorced, 2% widowed and 52% single.

A matter of age

The average life expectancy in the city stands at age 86.3, and the breakdown of the population between ages once again shows how young Modiin Maccabim Reut is:

  • Ages 0-21 - 39,117 (a decrease of 257, and a total of 40%)
  • Ages 22-40 - 19,535 (a decrease of 432, and a total of 20%)
  • Ages 40-60: 26,722 (an increase of 417, and a total of 27.5%)
  • Ages 60+: 12,011 (an increase of 915, and a total of 12.3%)

545 of the city's residents where born in the year Israel was created, and will be celebrating their 73rd birthday this year.

There are 12 residents who are over 100 years old. The oldest one is 106.

At the other end of the age scale, 227 babies were born in the city since January 2021.

The neighborhoods who had the most babies in this period:

  • Avnei Chen - 32
  • Kramim - 31
  • Nevi'im - 25
  • Masu'ah - 21
  • Prachim - 21

The data also reveals interesting age segmentation by neighborhoods. The youngest neighborhood by far is Kramim, with the highest percentage of births, children and youth up to the age of 18 - totalling 4,976. 2nd is the Avnei Chen neighborhood with 4,775 children and adolescents up to the age of 18.

By contrast, the city's oldest citizens live naturally in the older neighborhoods, with 1,731 residents aged 60 and over in Reut (an increase of 99 since last year).

The neighborhoods with the largest number of residents

  • Kramim - 12,332 (a decrease of 197 since last year)
  • Avnei Chen - 11,171 (a decrease of 112)
  • Masu'ah - 9,670 (a decrease of 186)

In comparison, in HaTziporim that was founded in 2017, there are 2,812 residents (an increase of 151 since last year), and in Nofim, the newest neighborhood, there are so far 2,263 residents that have already moved in (an increase of 1,734 since last year).

Olim Chadashim

There are 8,898 residents defined as Olim in the city (i.e - made aliyah in the last 10 years).

The leading countries:

  • Former USSR and Russia - 2,614
  • USA - 1,235
  • United Kingdom - 447

Overall, the city's Olim came from about 50 different countries, including: Costa Rica, The Philippines, China, Ivory Coastת Vietnam and Iceland.


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