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Parking Enforcement in Modiin

Last Updated: 4 days ago

To apply for a parking permit from the Municipality website click here!

Please note! Starting from Sunday 2/1/22 municipal parking permits are digitally issued, and there is no more need to physically attach a sticker to your car's windscreen. Existing permits already issued remain valid.

Paid parking

Parking in marked parking lots requires the payment of a parking fee. One hour of parking in Modiin costs 5 ₪. City residents are exempt from payment in certain parking lots or up to a certain amount of time, by affixing a valid parking permit on the windshield of the car, on the right, upper corner.

Paid parking lots:

  • The Iriyah parking lot (approx. 250 spaces) - corner of Dam HaMaccabim and Tiltan. Payment required Sun-Thu 07:00-19:00. Free for city residents with display of parking permit.
  • Park Anava southern parking lot (חניון האגם) - Sderot HaChashmona'im. Payment required Sun-Thu 06:00-21:00. First 2 hours free for city residents with display of parking permit.
  • Park Anava northern parking lot (חניון הפארק) - Emek Zevulun 3 (parking lot at the end of Emek Zevulun, adjacent to the cafes) Please note! Payment required Sun-Thu 07:00-21:00, Fri and Erev Chag 07:00-13:00.
  • City center parking lot (approx. 500 spaces) - underground parking lot under Moadon HaGray, entry from Tiltan 26. Open all week 07:00-24:00. First 2 hours free.
  • Chartzit parking lot - Chartzit 26. Payment required Sun-Thu 07:00-21:00, Fri and Erev Chag 07:00-13:00. First 2 hours free for residents with activation of electronic parking system from moment of parking.

Paid parking on streets:

Parking in the city center streets requires payments on Sun-Thu from 07:00-21:00, and on Fridays and Erev Chag from 07:00-13:00.

Please note! Parking is limited to 8 hours. Those holding permits are entitled to the first two hours free when using electronic parking methods.

These streets are:

  • The main street - Dam HaMaccabim 35-71 (the MA'AR)
  • Moshe Sneh street
  • Matityahu HaCohen street
  • HaRakevet street 1-11
  • Arar street up to HaRakevet street
  • Lev HaIr street
  • Emek Zevulun street south - from Emek Zevulun 3 up to the transportation circle
  • Tiltan street 18-28
  • Fikus street
  • Emek Dotan - from Lev HaIr junction to Sderot HaChashmonaim

Night parking forbidden between 01:00 and 05:00

Valid on the following parking lots:

  • The train parking adjacent to the 'Pa'atei Modiin' train station
  • The train parking lot opposite the mall
  • The parking lot on Emek Zevulun (opposite Caffit)

The fine for cars found parking during these hours is 100 ₪. It should be noted that during the day these parking lots are open to all.

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