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Deborah Bouzaglo - Expert in Behavioral Patterns

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Using holistic treatment methods that directly target the subconscious, in order to bring harmony to the body and soul.

The cells in our bodies contain all the information needed to treat us, and for this reason the treatment combines knowledge of physical treatments, such as reflexology, with energy treatments that work on the soul.

Treatment of behavioral patterns, with an emotional approach: finding patterns that constantly re-occur, and which are the original reason for the problem that are making you re-enact the same experiences, against your will. The treatment is initially conversational, and afterwards uses energy treatments combined with touch (reflexology or healing).

Emotional treatment for children: ADD, social issues, fears, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of energy.

The treatments take place in a pleasant and intimate private clinic.

Workshops: Channeling and reflexology for team-building exercises for workers, bachelorettes, women and couples, children's activity for kaytantot, family days and schools.

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