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Public Shofar Blowing in Modiin City Parks - Rosh HaShana 5783

Parks throughout Modiin
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(List of parks appears below!)

Family-orientated festive shofar blowing in parks throughout the city.

The event will take place on Rosh HaShana on Tuesday and Wednesday 7-8/9 at 17:00 in the following parks:

  • Masua -
    • The park on Yitzchak Rabin -(opposite no. 34)
    • Migdal HaLevanon Park
  • HaKramim -
    • Emek HaElah Park (opposite house no. 45)
    • Park on Tamuz (opposite Tishrei 34)
  • Avnei Chen -
    • The park on corner of Avnei Choshen and Leshem
    • The park on Emek Zevulun (opposite house no. 18)
  • Moriah -
    • Rope Park on Eli Cohen
    • Moriah Center, Shivtei Yisrael corner of Leah Imenu
  • HaPrachim -
    • The park on Emek Ayalon corner of Kachalit HeHarim
    • Migdal David park
  • Nechalim -
    • Fish Park (Emek Dotan corner of Emek Yizrael)
  • HaMeginim -
    • The green playground on Emek Beit Shean 1
    • The park on Emek Beit Shean (opposite house no. 45)
  • HaTziporim -
    • The park on HaChasida (opposite house no. 30)
  • Nofim -
    • The Park on Ya'ar Yatir (opposite house no. 60)
  • HeNevi'im -
    • Kikar Amos HaNavi
  • Moreshet -
    • The park on Yitzchak Navon corner of Golda Meir
  • Maccabim-Reut -
    • Lev Reut Center (Sderot Ha'Omarim)
    • Merkaz Renanim
  • Anava Park -
    • Next to the lake


Monday and Tuesday 26-27/9 at 17:00.



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