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Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - December 2019 Events

Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

Guide to all the highlights of the next few weeks, including Chanukah shows (see further down) and future events that require early booking.

All the events that are marked with * include extended information at the bottom of the screen.

Upcoming Events

  • Art & Fun* - Creative party for adults. Thu 12/12, 20:00 at the gallery of Heichal HaTarbut.
  • Mishpacha Chama - Beit Lessin Theater. 12-14/12.
  • Adi Ashkenazi* - Stand-up. Wed 18/12, 21:00.
  • Flashdance* - Musical. Thu 19/12, 20:30.
  • Moadon Zemer: "The Greatest Upbeat Hits of the 50's & 60's" - Live music and sing-a-long. Sat 21/12, 20:30 at Einan Hall.
  • Yiddishpiel: Olam Yehudi Meshuga - Show in Yiddish. Tue 24/12, 20:30 at Einan Hall.
  • Reshef Levy* - Stand-up. Sat 28/12, 21:30 at Einan Hall.
  • Yonatan Barak* - Stand-up. Tue 31/12, 21:00.
  • Yair Jacobi (Underdos): "Omer Me'at Medaber Harbe" - Stand-up. Wed 1/1, 20:30 at Einan Hall.

Chanukah Events

  • Shlomo HaMelech veMalkat Shva* [Chanukah 2019] - Musical for the whole family. Mon 16/12, 16:00 & 18:00.
  • Peter The Rabbit London* - Show for children. Sat 21/12, 11:30.
  • Enjoy: Ofer & Maor with Smolkin & Liza* - Show for children. Sat 21/12, 18:00.
  • Circus Galaxia: Balagan BaKirkas* - Show for the whole family. Sun 22/12, 17:30.
  • The Seven Dwarfs and Snow White* - Orna Porat Theater for Children. Mon 23/12, 17:30.
  • Fireman Sam's Big Adventure at the Circus* - Show for children. Tue 24/12, 17:00.
  • Bo Elay Parpar Nechmad* - Show for children. Wed 24/12, 17:30.
  • Caspion* - Show for children (Black Theater). Thu 26/12, 17:30.
  • Rapunzel* - Musical for children. Fri 27/12, 09:00.
  • ShmuliKipod & Friends* - Show for children. Sat 28/12, 11:00
  • Underdos: Harpatka BaChalal* [Chanukah 2019] - Comedy musical. Sun 29/12 - 9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:30.
  • Peter Pan* - Show for children. Mon 30/12, 17:30.
  • Treasure Hunt with Yuval HaMevulbal, Roy Boy, Shai & Roi, Cogomelo and Michal Yanai - Chanukah show for children. Wed 1/1, 16:00 & 18:15.

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  • Zahava Ben & Ze'ev Nechama: "Israeli Party" - Live music. Thu 2/1, 21:30.
  • Ilay Botner & Yaldei HaChutz - Live music. Sat 11/1, 21:00.
  • Yishai Ribo* - Live music. Thu 23/1, 20:30.
  • Miri Mesika* - Live music. Sat 25/1, 21:00.
  • Dudu Tassa - Live music. Sat 1/2, 21:00.
  • Harel Skaat - Live music. Thu 6/2, 21:00.
  • Revital Vitelson Jacobs* - Stand-up for tired parents. Thu 5/3, 21:00.
  • Shlomi Shabbat - Live music. Sat 7/3, 20:45.
  • Idan Amedi - Live music. Wed 11/3, 21:00.
  • Ehud Banai - Live music. Thu 14/5, 21:00.

Click here for the full list of events on the Cultural Center website!


Box office hours

Sun-Thu: 09:30-20:00, Fri: 09:00-13:00.


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Musical children's show, with favorite children's songs, performed by the Mediatheque Theater. Suitable for ages 3-7. Hezi is the happiest caterpillar in the garden. Every day, he spends time with his caterpillar friends singing songs, play
‭26/12‬ : Caspion - Children's Show [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
For ages 3-8. Based on the book by Paul Kor. Caspion, a small silver fish, swims into the open sea to find his friend Zehavit. On his journey he meets an array of sea creatures and has many adventures. During his journey, the brave fish dev
‭27/12‬ : Rapunzel - Musical for the Whole Family [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
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The beloved classic by the Brothers Grimm, in a new, colorful and spectacular stage production for the whole family. Suitable for ages 2-9. The musical tells the story of a lost princess Rapunzel (Naama Super-Al) with magical long hair, who
‭28/12‬ : Reshef Levy - Stand-up Show at the Einan Hall Modiin
Einan Hall
Young father to seven kids, Levy's stand-up show has been running for several years now in parallel to a successful writing career for stage, TV and film (in house playwright for the HaBima Theater, the creator of 'HaBorer', 'Eiyim Avudim'
‭28/12‬ : Shmulikipod - Children's Show [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Following the tremendous success of the Tiras Cham show by the creators of Mayumana (Ayalon Nofar), the book 'Shmulikipod' is given a new life on stage. New and especially upbeat stage adaptation, about an extraordinary friendship between a
‭29/12‬ : Underdos "Harpatka BaChallal" - Comedy Musical in Heichal HaTarbut [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
5 performances in Modiin on a single day! In this spectacular new musical, Underdos takes us to infinity and beyond, in a fascinating journey full of surprises, colorful characters and Underdos humor. Chip is a talented and slightly arrogan
‭30/12‬ : Peter Pan - Children's Show [Chanukah 2019 in Modiin]
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, returns to the stage with his friends Wendy, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. An original adaptation of the story that has sparked the imagination of children and adults for generations. Com
‭31/12‬ : Yonatan Barak 2020 - Standup Performance at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
New and energetic fourth show. Barak previously performed his first Israeli special (HaDavar HaAmiti) and his second (Ta'im VeMatok), the longest special ever released by an Israeli comedian on the Internet and on television.
‭10/01‬ : Shachar Chason - Stand-up Comedy at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Especially energetic stand-up comedy show... getting annoyed at the little things in life, dealing with relationships, parent-teen relationships and TV shows. And off course, Chason does not leave out life's intimate issues. Watch Chason in
‭12/01‬ : The Magic Door (Delet HaKsamim) - Children's Show at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
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Musical show combining all the greatest hits that composer Nurit Hirsh wrote for kids, including: Makhela Aliza, Bar-ba'aba, HaBayit Shel Fistuk, Boker Shel Zahav, BaShana HaBa'a, El HaDerech, HaMishpacha Sheli and many more...
‭23/01‬ : Food, Drink, Man, Woman - Comedy Show with Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion
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Soroka's former vice president in his hit comedy show. Dr. Tzachi Ben Zion, chosen as one of the 100 top doctors in Israel by Forbes magazine, presents one of the most successful performances in Israel. The show, which is also a form of sex
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