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Open on Shabbat

Places in Modiin and the area that are open on Shabbat. Including restaurants, attractions, stores, and supermarkets.
Alma Market Modiin
Yael Kirschbaum Barkan
פתוח 24 שעות שישי שבת הכל ממש טרי המחירים סבבה תענוג!!!
Menda Bar
Hilda Guerin
אוכל טעים, שרות נעים ואווירה טובה.
Faza Food Bar
Romi Eli Bernat
לוקיישן נדיר ביופיו, שרות טוב ואוכל ברמה. שאפו!
Leggenda Modiin - Ice Cream Parlor
מעיין שוורץ
השירות אדיב, המקום נעים, המבחר עצום ... והכל ממש טעים!
La Goffre - Ice Cream
Ido Levy
אנחנו פוקדים את המקום לפחות 3 פעמים בשבוע, ועכשיו עם ההגבלות לא יכולנו לוותר על התענוג , אז הזמנו הבייתה והיה מ-ד-ה-י-ם כרגיל ! תודה רבה !! ממליץ בחום 😋
La Goffre - Ice Cream
Shahar Shurki
היוגורט הכי טעים בעיר! תמיד כיף לבוא וכולם נחמדים :)
Kashtan Deli - Minimarket & Delicatessen
רותי בן דוד
מקום עם מבחר של דברים טעימים ומיוחדים שאין באף חנות אחרת במודיעין ופתוח בשבת אז בכלל, הכי שיכול להיות
Faza Food Bar
Amiram Esterin
המלצה על סמך ניסיון.... טעמנו , מטעמים בעבר... המיקום = מרכז העיר מודיעין, מכבים , רעות. סמוך לתחנת-רכבת : מודיעין מרכז. שתי תחנות-רכבת מנתב"ג
Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - Information & Event Schedule
Shir Yafe
Benedict Modiin Branch - Azrieli Palace Complex
Orly Shalom
טעים!!! מחכה לפתיחה!
Kashtan Deli - Minimarket & Delicatessen
Solomon Center
Not Kosher. Open on Shabbat. Food store specializing in the import and sale of gourmet food products in Israel. Working with well-known manufacturers of meat and meat products, fish and seafood, cheese producers wine, and confectionary. But
O'Sullivan's - The Irish Pub
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
For the full menu click here! For upcoming shows click here! (Extended info on some of the shows cab be found at the bottom of this page). Modiin's first up-market pub. On the ground floor, the impressive bar seats 25, with a wide variety o
Shambaz - Restaurant Bar
For the full menu click here! For the deserts menu click here! Especially special bar-restaurant. Designed for your comfort, in a wooden structure next to the pool, where you can enjoy top quality chef dishes, alongside a varied alcohol dri
Burger & Beer Meal Deal for Only 59 ₪!
AKA - Sushi Bar
For the full menu click here! Authentic Asian food experience with a range of Japanese dishes, as well as noodle and rice dishes from the Thai cuisine. The unique menu was developed for the restaurant by Aya Imtani, a Japanese culinary exp
Aladdin - Agricultural Farm
Kfar Rut
Activities for children, and an option to produce your own olive oil! Olive harvest - variety of activities for children in the heart of the olive grove. Family activities on the farm: Feeding chickens Picking herbs for tea Olive harvest Pi
Aroma Modiin Espresso Bar - Yishpro Center Branch
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Open 24/7. For the full menu in English click here! The branch includes indoor and outdoor seating areas. For details about 'Aroma Card' click here! Aroma Espresso Bar is among the largest and best-known café chains in Israel and has contri
Deli Cream Modiin - Ice Cream Parlor
City Center (Ma'ar)
Come and enjoy premium ice cream, sorbet, and sugar-free and vegan ice creams. Modiin branch of the national chain. In addition to the selection of fine ice creams, offering a variety of sweet treats, including: Soft serve (American) ice cr
Eyalis - Furniture for Gardens & Balconies
Quality garden furniture at an affordable price - directly from the importer to the consumer! Discounts happening you won't want to miss out on! Option for payment plans. Delivery throughout Israel. Focus on quality and durability, which wi
Faza Food Bar
Anava Park
Contemporary bar restaurant filled with good vibes. For food menu click here! For alcohol menu click here! For cocktail menu click here! Fun atmosphere in a beautiful location overlooking the park. Cool and desired meeting spot with interes
Floroz - Flower Shop & Garden Center
Specializing in growing and selling flowers straight from the greenhouse, as well as a wide range of house and garden plants, and original gifts. Country-wide deliveries. For orders, call: 072-3725550 Bouquets Flower arrangements House and
Golda Keizer Modiin
Keizer Center
Boutique Italian ice-cream, subsidiary of ANITA, made daily from natural and fresh ingredients, with a large selection of unique flavors - all prepared on the premises. In addition to ice cream, you can also enjoy low-fat yogurt, Belgian wa
Greenhouse Cafe
Click on the link for the relevant menu: Morning menu Lunch menu Evening menu Simple but updated menu, based on high quality ingredients. The restaurant is finely decorated in order to provide a modern and pleasant atmosphere. The atmospher
Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - Information & Event Schedule
For highlights of upcoming shows and events - click here! For the full schedule - click here! For movie events and screenings - click here! Modiin's Heichal HaTarbut is a regional cultural center, located near the municipal library and the
Israel Primate Sanctuary - Rescue and Education Center
Ben Shemen
Educational and interactive tours for all ages, from gan children up to retirees. During your tour, you will get to know some of the monkeys and their background. The monkeys that live at the sanctuary are exclusively ones that needed help,
10% Off All Activities!
Jungle Joy - Petting Zoo
Moshav Pedaya
Petting zoo and play & learning activities, with sessions open to the public by registration, and also for birthday parties, Gan activities and Mesibot Sium. Warm and inviting, with plenty of interactive educational content from the animal
Free Slushy for Every Child!
Jungle Park - Activity and Attractions Center
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
1,000 square meters of attractions! Ninja and ropes area Gymboree Face painting area Move screening area Airplane carousel Inflatables area Sony Playstation Balloon shapes area Air conditioned. Suitable for ages 1 to 10 years. For informati
Maccabim Sports Center
Where sports and health meet. (For the chugim which are taking place at the center - see "Related" at the bottom of the page). The Maccabim Sport Center offers 2 swimming pools: for adults and for toddlers, with a range of activities during
Modiin's Municipal Swimming Pool
Modiin's Municipal Sports Center
For the opening times and for prices of memberships (summer season or annual), kartisiyot and one-off entries - please see "Hours" further down the page. Main pool with three connected swimming pools: half Olympic-sized pool, 80-90 cm deep
Rav Chen Cinema - Modiin Branch
Azrieli Mall
Cinema complex with 6 screens. Located in the "Azrieli Mall Modiin". For the list of films showing this week, screening times and reviews (in Hebrew) on the website "Seret" - click here or on the link below To book tickets and for info from
Super-pharm Modiin - Shimshoni Branch
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Open Friday night & Shabbat. Accepting prescriptions of Kupat Cholim Clalit. (The page and the opening hours were last updated on 26/11/2019).

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