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Titora Synagogue (Nosach Ashkenazi Achid)

Nachal Taninim 12, Modiin
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The outline for holiday prayers in Modiin:

(Valid as of the start of lockdown on Friday 18/9 at 14:00).

  • In open areas – in capsules of up to 20 people.
  • In closed structures in areas that are not red (like Modiin which is ranked yellow) - in closed structures, prayer shall be permitted in groups of up to 25 people. The permitted number of groups in a closed space shall be double the number of entrances to the structure on condition that the ratio of one person per 4 square meters of space of the place is maintained. [For example, in a house of prayer in a yellow area that is 400 square meters in size and which has two entrance doors, it shall be permitted to have 4 capsules of 25 people each (25 people in each capsule, 2 entrances multiplied by 2, yields 100 people in the structure while maintaining the ratio of one person per 4 square meters of space)].

For the regulations during the chagim lockdown according to the government official press release - click here!

One of the oldest shuls in Modiin. Congregants include both native Israelis and new Olim. The shul davens in Nosach Achid (Sefarad).

The community welcomes members from throughout the neighborhood and helps organize family simchas, also for those who do not frequently attend services.

Gabai - Israel Melman: 058-6481465.


Weekdays: Shacharit 07:00, Arvit 21:00.

Kabalat Shabbat: 10 minutes after Shabbat comes in.

Shabbat: Shacharit 08:30, Mincha: 15 min before candle lighting time, Arvit: 3 minutes before Shabbat goes out.


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