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Kehilat HaShimshoni Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)

David Elazar 28, Modiin
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Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

The updated regulations for prayers in Modiin as of Sunday 7/3

  • Prayers (without a green badge)* - Allowed up to 20 people per indoor space, up to 50 people in open areas. 
  • Prayers (in a house of prayer that chooses to operate with a Green Badge)*:
    • By pre-registering with the local authority.
    • Occupancy: In a minyan with permanent seats - up to 50% occupancy. In a minyan without fixed seats - one person per 7 square meters. In any case, no more than 500 people.
    • Seating is separated, with a chair space between them.
    • Without food and drink.
    • Hanging a sign at the entrance to the place stating that it is a place that operates with a "green badge" and the local authority's approval re: submission of the application and appointment of a checker at the entrance confirming the green badge of the congregants (vaccinated at least a week after the second dose or recovering).

*Synagogues can open for prayers only (e.g. not Kiddush and shiurim) under Purple Badge restrictions

For the updated regulations in English on the MOH website - click here!

Headed by Rabbi Eran Daum.

Gabay - Motti Siri.



  • Kabbalat Shabbat - Mincha 10 mins. after candle lighting.
  • Shachrit - 8:30.
  • Mincha - 5 mins. before candle lighting.


  • Shachrit 1st Minyan (Sun, Tue, Wed) - 6:00, (Mon, Thu, Rosh Chodesh) - 5:50, (Fri) - 6:45.
  • Shachrit 2nd Minyan (Sun-Fri) - 8:00.
  • Mincha - 10 minutes after candle lighting time from the previous Shabbat
  • Arvit 1st Minyan - when the stars come out (based on the time published on the Yeshiva website).
  • Arvit 2nd Minyan - 21:00.

(Last updated: 9/3/17).


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