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Kehilat HaShimshoni Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)

David Elazar 28, Modiin
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The outline for prayers in Modiin as of 25/9:

For the entire period apart from Yom Kippur:

  • Allowed outdoors only - up to 20 people (it is not permitted to pray with another person indoors), and in accordance with the 1,000 meter distance.

On Yom Kippur

  • In open areas – in capsules of up to 20 people with space between people and physical signage, including a seat between people who do not live together.
  • In closed structures in areas that are not ranked red but orange (like Modiin) - capsules of of up to 25 people, with seperations and distance between groups and signage regarding the accepted number of people, size of the space, and rules of operation, including two chairs space between people who do not live together.
  • The permitted occupancy for prayer in a building on Yom Kippur - 50 people for each entrance in capsules of 25. The number of the people in the building must not exceed one person per 4 meters squared in the area used for praying.

For the full regulations IN ENGLISH during the chagim lockdown (in a clear simplified pdf from the Health Ministry) - click here!

Headed by Rabbi Eran Daum.

Gabay - Motti Siri.



  • Kabbalat Shabbat - Mincha 10 mins. after candle lighting.
  • Shachrit - 8:30.
  • Mincha - 5 mins. before candle lighting.


  • Shachrit 1st Minyan (Sun, Tue, Wed) - 6:00, (Mon, Thu, Rosh Chodesh) - 5:50, (Fri) - 6:45.
  • Shachrit 2nd Minyan (Sun-Fri) - 8:00.
  • Mincha - 10 minutes after candle lighting time from the previous Shabbat
  • Arvit 1st Minyan - when the stars come out (based on the time published on the Yeshiva website).
  • Arvit 2nd Minyan - 21:00.

(Last updated: 9/3/17).


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