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Kol Sasson Synagogue (Yemenite)

Yigal Yadin 16, Modiin
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The outline for holiday prayers in Modiin:

(Valid as of the start of lockdown on Friday 18/9 at 14:00).

  • In open areas – in capsules of up to 20 people.
  • In closed structures in areas that are not red (like Modiin which is ranked yellow) - in closed structures, prayer shall be permitted in groups of up to 25 people. The permitted number of groups in a closed space shall be double the number of entrances to the structure on condition that the ratio of one person per 4 square meters of space of the place is maintained. [For example, in a house of prayer in a yellow area that is 400 square meters in size and which has two entrance doors, it shall be permitted to have 4 capsules of 25 people each (25 people in each capsule, 2 entrances multiplied by 2, yields 100 people in the structure while maintaining the ratio of one person per 4 square meters of space)].

For the regulations during the chagim lockdown according to the government official press release - click here!

Gabai - Oded Yechiel.

Run by amutat Tif'eret Israel' - Chairman: Haim Tzfira 052-5323367.


Shabbatot: Shir HaShirim - 30 mins. before Shabbat, Mincha - when Shabbat comes in, Shacharit - 07:15, Mincha - 2 hrs before end of Shabbat, Arvit Motzash - 10 mins before end of Shabbat.

Weekdays: Shachrit - 05:30 apart from Mon, Thu and Rosh Chodesh - 05:20.


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