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Anat Or-El Yalon - Alternative Treatments & Life Cycles


You don't need to be sick to get treatment! Treat yourself today to a magical gift!

Unique treatments, that will help you connect to your desired reality, to cope with a range and spectrum of emotions, to connect to healing, joy, love and serenity, to gain perspective on complicated and difficult situations and relationships in your life and to get tools and insight in order to cope with them.

Also offering treatments using: theta healing, guided imagery, movement, reiki, healing and prana. Leading empowerment and awareness, voice-led meditation, intuitive dance and mandala circles.

Treating both physical and mental pain, stress, headaches and insomnia, through touch and massage integrated with energies.

The treatments also will help you fulfill the full potential of your DNA (parts of which are now dormant and unused), activate qualities of vitality and rejuvenation, release blockages and beliefs that are holding you back from fulfuling your wishes, and get insights that will help you 'release' and get rid of physiological symptoms (that we believe cannot be cured!) such as: a variety of chronic pains, migraines, fibromyalgia, stress and more.

Unique treatment that bypasses the mind, for the improvement of quality of life at all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic).

Treatments take place in charming clinics in Modiin and Ma'ale Adumim.

Coming soon: meetings of 'Sound meditation combined with healing circles' and meetings of 'The secret of the flower of life and magic of the mandala'.

It is recommended to call to book an appointment: 055-9707460

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ModiinApp was started as a small project by 4 friends (three of us live in Modiin - 2 olim and 1 sabra), and quickly grew into the best source for information on local businesses and deals in Modiin. Everything we do is local and authentic. We hope you like it. Get in touch!