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27/03 : Michal HaKtana VeHaMiflatzot - Children's Show

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

New musical by the Hop Channel.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to draw. When she drew, her drawings would come to life in a magic kingdom, the kingdom of Pele-Pletzet. Magical creatures, kind monsters, everyone had a place in the colorful and fun world Michal HaKtana created.

But one day, Michal was angry with her big brother and drew the angry fairy, and all the big brothers disappeared from Pele-Pletzet.

Will Michal HaKtana, together with Pogo and Trick and her other friends, succeed in beating the angry fairy and bring back smiles and serenity to Pele-Pletzet?

Rich and colorful musical play, combined with unique animation, beautiful puppets, loved and popular songs along with new songs, and many more surprises and unforgettable moments.


Sun 27/3, 17:30.

75 ₪ on the website of Heichal HaTarbut, full price - 90 ₪.


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