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Stations for Burning Chametz in Modiin - Pesach 2024

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

From Sun 21/4/24 and until Mon 22/4/24 at 11:23 there will be containers placed around the city for burning chametz.

The containers are only intended for the burning of chametz, do not burn nylon, plastic or any other garbage other than chametz, or any other item that could endanger or cause environmental damage. Security patrols will be patrolling the areas of the containers.

Children should be kept away from the fire, and the areas of the fire should be kept tidy.

In addition, there will be increased enforcement in order to ensure that the guidelines are observed with an emphasis on wearing masks and preventing crowds.


  • Nechalim:
    • Emek HaChula opposite house number 39 next to Merkaz Sharbat in the gravel area
  • Avnei Chen:
    • Shani 80 - back of gravel parking area (2 containers)
  • Meginim:
    • Ironi Gimel - Mordechai Gur 12 in the parking lot of the school
  • Nevi'im:
    • Opposite Eliyahu HaNavi 19, near Kol Yaakov synagogue
  • Kramim:
    • Cheshvan opposite the synagogue on gravel area (2 containers)
  • Prachim:
    • Tiltan 12 in parking lot next to Bezeq building
  • Masuah:
    • Nachal Tzin corner of Nachal Paran next to the synagogue
  • Tziporim:
    • Efroni 4, by the synagogue
  • Nofim:
    • Ya'ar Yatir opposite no' 4
  • Moreshet:
    • Golda Meir 78 by the school 'Eretz Moledet'
    • Ariel Sharon 12, on the gravel area next to the school 'Eretz HaTzvi'
  • Shvatim:
    • Yitzchak Rabin corner of Nachal Tzalmon, on gravel area opposite the school Masu'at Neriah (large container)
  • Moriah:
    • Corner of Rivka and Sara Imenu on gravel parking lot behind the synagogue (large container)
    • Menachem Begin 55
  • Maccabim-Reut:
    • Sderot HaOranim 10 in Reut - in the parking lot by 'Achva' synagogue
    • Nof Kdumim 26 in Maccabim, opposite the 'Maccabim' synagogue,



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