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Pesach Information

Variety of informational pages for Pesach for Modiin residents, including Chag times, garbage pick up, sale of Chametz, Hagalat Kelim, Biur Chametz location and more. *Some of the the pages are only available during the period just before and during Pesach.
Pesach Times in Modiin 5782 / 2022
Modiin General
Shvi'i shel Pesach and Pesach: Thu, 20 Nissan 21/4: candle lighting - 18:55, sunset - 19:15. Fri, 21 Nissan 22/4: candle lighting - 18:56, sunset - 19:16. Shabbat, 22 Nissan 23/4: end of Shabbat - 19:47 (eating Chametz time). Bdikat Chametz
Sale of Chametz at Modiin Rabbinate - Pesach 2022
Modiin General
For sale of Chametz click here! Residents of Modiin Maccabim Reut are invited to sell their Chametz through the city's Rabbinate. The sale can be carried out until Friday 15/4/22 at 10:00. For more information please call: 08-9726172 | 058-
Hag'alat Kelim in Modiin - Pesach 2022
Modiin General
List of neighborhood hag'alat kelim stations and opening times, operating 10-13/4. The Municipal Rabinate will be providing the public with neighborhood Hag'alat Kelim stations throughout the city, from 10:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the
‭25/03 - 26/03‬ : Stations for Burning Chametz in Modiin - Pesach 2022
Modiin General
From Thu 14/4/22 and until Fri 15/4 at 11:30 there will be containers placed around the city for burning chametz. The containers are only intended for the burning of chametz, do not burn nylon, plastic or any other garbage other than chamet
Garbage, Garden Waste, Junk and Recycling Pickup Days in Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Detailed information, by neighborhood, on the days for garbage pickup, especially the removal of garden waste, junk and cardboard, including important guidelines about the way they may be placed in the public space. Guidelines for Waste Dis

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