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26/04 : Sherlock Holmes - Teatron Orna Porat

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

John Watson, the youth, joins a prestigious boarding school in London as a new student, and discovers that his new roommate is Sherlock Holmes, a charismatic, sharp and enchanting youth, but also arrogant and stubborn.

John feels like he has found a friend, but then a gold cup, the pride of the school, goes missing. The stolen cup is surprisingly found in Sherlock's bag and he is expelled from school.

Sherlock sets out on an independent investigation and recruits Watson. The immediate suspect is Elizabeth, Sherlock's sworn enemy, but matters get more complicated as the investigation proceeds.

Surprising information is uncovered, and the threesome is pulled into a complicated and dramatic detective story. At this point, the solitary Sherlock for the first time in his life discovers the real need for friends and for friendship. The new and special friendship that grows between them also brings them to the solution of the mystery.


Wed 26/4, 17:30.

70 ₪ on the website of Heichal HaTarbut, 120 ₪ full price.


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