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Night Bus Line 222: Modiin - Tel Aviv

Operated by Kavim, Merkaz HaKablanim, Modiin

During the Chanukah school vacation, from Thu 14/12 to Tue 19/12, the line is back operating throughout the week (apart from Friday night).


(According to starting point on Sderot Oranim in Reut on way out, and Masof Reading on return).


  • From Modiin: 23:30, 24:00, 24:30.
  • Back from Tel-Aviv: 01:15, 01:45, 02:15, 03:30, 04:00, 04:30.

Route and stops in Modiin

  • Reut - Sd. Oranim, Nitzan.
  • Maccabim - Derech Peled.
  • Emek HaChula - Faran, Sharbat, Emek Yizrael.
  • Mesu'ah - Nachal Tzin/Sorek, Nachal Tzalmon/Zohar, Rabin/Nachal Tzalmon, Nitzanim school.
  • Main train station.
  • Emek Zvulun - Yiga'el Yadin, Keshet School, Mordechai Makleff.
  • Nevi'im - Yechezkel HaNavi/Bet Shean, Ginot HaEla, Emek HaEla/Eliyahu HaNavi, Zecharya HaNavi/Emek HaEla.
  • Dam HaMaccabim - Tze'elon, Iriya, Masof Chasmona'im.
  • Road 443 Junctions: Shilat, Mevo Modiim, Neot Kedumim, Mitkan Adam, Mitzpe Modiim.

Tel Aviv route: The bus enters Tel-Aviv via the La-Guardia exit, going through Allenby, most of Ben-Yehuda, north of Dizengoff, the port, terminating at Reading, which is also where it leaves going back to Modiin.

On the return the route includes additional drop off points in the Avnei Chen and Shvatim neighborhoods.

Click here for a map of the route

For enquiries and updates, use the Facebook page of Kavei Layla, or call Kavim on: 03-7732060.

To contact Kavim for Lost & Found, or for questions, complaints, suggestions - send a fax to the number above.


Kavim's service point & lost property in Modiin

Mon-Thu: 08:00-17:45, Fri: 08:00-12:45.


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