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Hagit Drihem, Adv. - Traffic Offenses, Family, Bankruptcy, Army & Labor Law

Solomon Center, Chativat Golani 9, Modiin

Guidance and professional representation in a variety of fields of criminal and civil law.

Extensive experience, coupled with personal and dedicated service, all while maintaining ongoing and direct contact with the client throughout the legal process.

Criminal law expertise

Guidance before and during interrogations (detainees / arrestees), representation in court and case management throughout the country, erasing criminal records, amnesty, restitution, appeals, petitions, representations to the prison service, guidance for victims of crimes.

  • Traffic offenses - Representation (hearing) in proceedings with police officer (administrative disqualification, driving prohibition), representation in variety of traffic courts.
  • Military law - Representation of both regular and career soldiers (disciplinary and criminal), representation of residents of Yehuda and Shomron in military courts
  • Administrative law - removal of security / criminal impediments, appeals / objections for the return of firearms, representation before the Ministry of Transportation and the Medical Institute for Road Safety (Marvad)

Civil law

  • Civil Law - litigation, contracts and agreements, lawsuits - libel and privacy protection
  • Family law - personal status and inheritance, ongoing power of attorney
  • Bankruptcy - representation of debtors and creditors
  • Labor law - representation of employers and employees, including representation in labor courts
  • Real estate - apartment sale transactions
  • Ongoing power of attorney

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