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Select Offices and Clinics in the City Center in Modiin

Selection of lawyers and accountants, as well as medical, beauty and wellness clinics and other businesses in the office buildings in the new city center.
MasAmerica - Taxes Made Easier
City Center (Ma'ar)
Tax compliance and consulting services for anyone required by law to report to the Internal Revenue Service and all state and local tax authorities. Highly trained, professional staff that provides value-based, accurate and personal service
Mona Medical Modiin - Medical Aesthetics & Laser Hair Removal
City Center (Ma'ar)
Personal beauty care and professional aesthetics treatments by a team of top class doctors and beauticians, using the most advanced and up to date technologies. The Modiin branch of the center from Kanfei Nesharim in Jerusalem. Based on the
Up to 33% Discount on Botox, Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Booster Treatments!
Mordechai Elisha - Mortage and Financing Consulting
City Center (Ma'ar)
Mortgage consulting and bank financing solutions for private and business customers. Services are offered by an economist and industrial and management engineer, with extensive experience in senior economic positions in the government. Priv
Mordechai Elisha - Support in Submitting Tenders & Business Consulting
City Center (Ma'ar)
Providing you with the benefit of over 26 years of experience, and extensive knowledge from senior management positions in the Ministry of Finance and the government, to promote your business. Services offered by senior economist and indust
Nicole Levin Law Offices - Experts in Israeli Real Estate
City Center (Ma'ar)
Run by native English speaker Nicole Levin (Adv.). Dealing with the intricacies of real estate transactions day in and day out, all over the country. Helping clients sell, buy, rent or lease apartments, houses and properties for many years.
Orit Jacobson-Dubrovsky, Attorney and Notary - Family Law
City Center (Ma'ar)
Specializing in the field of family law and personal status (since 2004), notary certified and specializing in lasting power of attorney (since 2016). Extensive experience in court representation. Consultations and legal representation are
Prof. Haim Belmaker - Psychiatrist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. Certified psychiatrist with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of psychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology. Specializing in providing consultations on the options of drug treatment for patients in talk the
Reuven Muskin - Attorney & Notary
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. Extensive legal experience in a variety of legal fields, offering personal and dedicated service. Translation and notary services Real Estate Contracts (Sales/Rentals) Damage claims including car accidents Work relat
Tal Dil - CPA
City Center (Ma'ar)
Fluent English speaker. Accounting and related services, providing clients with top level service! Ranked first place in Israel as Excelling Representative 2024 for the months of January-March by the Mossad LeBituach Leumi (National Insuran
Turgeman Accountants - USA & Israel
City Center (Ma'ar)
Offering clients the highest level of professional accounting and business services for over 20 years, with personal attention and customized services for the needs of each and every client. The firm's staff includes accountants, tax consul
Valeriy Chernin - Certified Massage Therapist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Unique combined massage technique that works with fascia and muscles to ease back and neck pain, stress, exhaustion and cellulite, as well as rejuvenating and smoothing the skin. English speaker. Massage therapies provided include: Wellness
We-Care - Health & Wellness Treatments
City Center (Ma'ar)
New and first of its kind center in Israel! Wide range of treatments in the health and wellness field, by professional and experienced practitioners, in 14 comfortable and designed treatment rooms. Everything you need under one roof: a cent
Yaakobi Commercial Center, Ma'ar Modiin - Store & Office Rentals
City Center (Ma'ar)
Stores and offices available for rent! Stores - sizes 60-320 square meters for a variety of businesses with immediate entry, in a prime location on Dam HaMaccabim Street, in the Ma'ar, without brokerage fees. Suitable for a variety of uses,
Yoav Jacobson, Attorney - Tort
City Center (Ma'ar)
Specializing in personal injury - victims of road accidents, liability cases (such as falls in the street, falling down stairs, work injuries, injuries in the mall and more), medical malpractice cases and handling all kinds of personal acci
Arielle Spilky Lax - Creative Arts Therapist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. Expressive art therapy for children, adolescents and families / caretakers, enabling children and teens to better express their emotions. Using creative arts to make it easier and safer for children and teens to fost
Basmat Perry Simhayoff - Attorney, Notary, Mediator: Real Estate, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney
City Center (Ma'ar)
Lawyer and notary with over 20 years of experience, specializing in real estate, tort, wills, inheritances and lasting power of attorney / living wills. Committed to professional, reliable, thorough and excellent service of the highest stan
Dano Aesthetics - Aesthetic Medicine & Plastic Surgery
City Center (Ma'ar)
Aesthetic medicine clinic specializing in facial treatments, including filler injections such as Botox, hyaluronic acid and Sculptra, and in medical and plastic facial surgery. Under the management of Dr. Yitzhak Dano, ear nose and throat a
Free Face Cream with Purchase of Botox Treatments / Hyaluronic Acid Injection!
Doron Ravid Law Offices - Family Law, Divorce & Real Estate
City Center (Ma'ar)
Over 20 years of experience and expertise in three important areas: family law, divorce and real estate, with a unique advantage in cases where there are overlapping areas between them. Offering full support, starting from the building of t
Dotan Levi Law Firm - Real Estate, Real Estate Taxation & Notary
City Center (Ma'ar)
Specializing in real estate and real estate taxation, with over 21 years experience in the field. Service provided in both English and Hebrew. Services provided include: Representation in real estate transactions - for those buying from con
Dr. Blum Plus Modiin - Boutique Aesthetic & Beauty Treatments Clinic
City Center (Ma'ar)
Aesthetic treatments without surgery! Be the best version of yourself, at any age! Qualified staff under the management of Dr. Marina Blum, senior doctor in the field of aesthetics since 2004. Modiin branch of the clinic which also includes
Dr. Elisha Reichenberg - Orthodontal Specialist, Ph.D, D.M.D.
City Center (Ma'ar)
Expert orthodontist, graduate of the Orthodontics Department of Hadassah Jerusalem, The Hebrew University, in 2009. Extensive experience with innovative techniques of teeth straightening, for both adults and children. The clinic focuses on
Dr. Julia Rivo - Face and More Modiin | Center for Advanced Aesthetic Medicine
City Center (Ma'ar)
New branch of the national chain of boutique clinics, managed by Dr. Julia Rivo, senior physician at Assuta Medical Center. Offering a variety of advanced beauty treatments without surgery: Face sculpting Hair transplants Nose sculpting wit
Dr. Pearl Unterman DMD - Smart Laser Dentistry
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. One of a kind dental treatment for the whole family at a brand new state of the art clinic, using innovative laser technology to make the treatment faster and easier for you: Less pain No drilling Conserves tooth str
Dr. Sarah Berman – Psychotherapist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. Psychotherapy for adults (aged 18+) and parents (of children aged 0-5), with over 15 years of experience. Working with you and helping you live a life filled with purpose and meaningful relationships. Specializing in
Dr. Tamar Adahan - Dental Clinic Specializing in Laser Treatments
City Center (Ma'ar)
Dental treatments using innovative laser technology, making treatments faster and easier - less pain, fewer injections, no drilling, conserving the teeth, neutralizing bacteria, and contributing to a fast recovery! Advanced and leading dent
Dr. Zippora Feuer Razin - Psychiatrist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. American trained and Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing for the last 9 years as a פסיכיאטרית מומחית - licensed Psychiatrist in Israel. Working with both adults and adolescents (from age 15) treating a broad rang
Dub & Co. Law Offices & Notary - Real Estate, Commercial Law, Wills & Inheritances
City Center (Ma'ar)
Boutique English speaking law firm specializing in real estate, wills and inheritances, and commercial law. Offering services in the following areas: Real estate deals Property tax Urban renewal Investments in real estate abroad Estates, wi
Dyna Tover MSW - Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist
City Center (Ma'ar)
Native English speaker. Qualified, experienced therapist, offering counselling for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We all experience challenges at certain times in our lives – family tensions, work or relationship probl
Hagit Drihem, Adv. - Family & Personal Status, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Labor Law
City Center (Ma'ar)
Guidance and professional representation in a variety of fields of criminal and civil law. Extensive experience, coupled with personal and dedicated service, all while maintaining ongoing and direct contact with the client throughout the le
Regus Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Modiin branch of the international chain of co-working spaces.

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