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We-Care - Health & Wellness Treatments

Dam HaMacabbim 38, Donna Building 1 - 3rd Floor, City Center (Ma'ar), Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

New and first of its kind center in Israel!

Wide range of treatments in the health and wellness field, by professional and experienced practitioners, in 14 comfortable and designed treatment rooms.

Everything you need under one roof: a center that is pleasant to come to, with calming music and a nice scent, well designed and of the highest quality, an amazing service and a kitchen offering hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks.

Large room suitable for all your needs: meetings, workshops, lectures, yoga and more.

Call now for more information or to book an appointment!

List of therapists at the center

  • Aviva Chaim - Behavioral emotional therapist
  • Shai Bakalinik - Expert in Chinese and Japanese medicine for pain issues
  • Efrat Gantz - Massage, hot stones and reflexology
  • Kerri Sachs - Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Homeopath specializing in the treatment of back and neck pain in women
  • Irit Oyer - Chinese medicine, massage, shiatsu, women's yoga, natural health
  • Tamar Dagan - Integrative psychologist, specializing in stress and crisis situations, anxiety and depression, PTSD and prevention.
  • Moria Mualem - Guidance for parents and youth, specializing in teens and NLP master
  • Michal Kirschenbaum Bar Ilan - Specialist in Chinese medicine for women's health
  • Yishai Ben Shoshan - Treating addiction, pain and hormonal problems with Chinese acupuncture combined with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Ontt Lavi - Couples counselor and coach
  • Dr. Yossi Michaeli - Clinical psychologist, psychodynamic (analytical) emotional treatment for youth and adults
  • Sivan Rozenzveig - Personal coach
  • Nona Gurevich - Master in aesthetic and rehabilitative permanent makeup
  • Ilanit Atiah - Coach and moderator for the creation of optimal reality
  • Efrat Peer - Couples mediator and coach
  • Ronit Nachshon - Massages, reflexology, aromatherapy
  • Orit Avni - Emotional therapy with supplementary medicine: reflexology, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, Bach flowers and NLP
  • Iris Shir - Business and financial consulting
  • Aderet Bat Zion
  • Tamar Haran
  • Liat Refael - health consultant and reflexologist
  • Rachel Shalom - personal development and self awareness guide using the 'Kol HaLev' approach, managing space for social meetups and emotional therapist
  • Hila Hamo - Shiatsu, acupuncture, women's health and pregnancy, in depth touch therapy
  • Avi Rabinovitz - expert educational psychologist and cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, treating developmental disorders, anxiety, OCD, psychological diagnoses, autism and ADD/HD diagnoses. CBT and neurofeedback therapies.
  • Tamar Dekel - Energy treatments, 20 years of experience, with hundreds of treatments, using a wide range of tools including Reiki, Theta healing, aroma touch (using pure doTerra essential oils) and more.
  • Polina Palei - natural nutritionist, reflexologist and Bach flower and medicinal herb treatments for emotional and behavioral situations
  • Limor Aharoni - Reflexologist
  • Talia Fenk
  • Pazit Gaz Avner - Birth support doula, offering private birth preparation courses, pre-natal massages for women, and also pampering massages for non-pregnant women
  • Yael Chezkiyahu - NLP coach for children and teens, parenting instructor
  • Avi Shani - aesthetics doctor
  • Devora Weiner
  • Dana Cohen - clinical therapist
  • Dr. Jason Cohen - pain and aesthetics doctor
  • Afek Micha
  • Devora Toledano
  • Olga Kreinin - Certified fitness and pilates trainer, nutrition consultant
  • Yael Cohen
  • Nili Milstein
  • Nava Marom
  • Natalia
  • Mali - eyelash and brow lifting
  • Michal Eizenberg
  • Natalia Fleider - Social worker and NLP master and trainer. Combining tools from both worlds. Treating adults, youth and children, parental guidance and group moderation
  • Michal Avraham - social worker, group moderator, therapist, providing support in utilization of rights
  • Orr Frenkel - psychologist
  • Orr Haroni - Chinese medicine, shiatsu, acupuncture, tuina, cupping and medicinal herb therapist. Also treats pregnant women.
  • Rakefet Arieli - clinical and sports nutritionist, works with children, teens and adults, amateur and professional athletes
  • Aya Unique - reflexology, Bach flowers and aromatherapy therapist
  • Irina Spivak - psychotherapist and life coaching
  • Revital Lavi - NLP master combined with CBT coaching. Expert in treating anxiety and lack of self confidence
  • Yael Versano - energy teacher and therapist, developer of the "Teder HaChalom" method. Energetic, emotional and spiritual treatment and healing of the soul, which provides physical and emotional relief. Instructor of courses for personal development, and connection to our strength and soul.

Call now for more information or to book an appointment: 072-3950695


  • Reception and administrative services 08:00-18:00.
  • Therapists can access the center during the evening hours with code (building entrance has around the clock security).


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