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Ezer Modiin - Rabbi Segal

Caravan Park, Modiin

Accepting donations of food, furniture, clothes, toys, bedding, electronics and all other household goods for distribution to the needy.

All items must be in good condition.

Accepting donations for Pidyon Kapparot, Kamcha DePascha and Matanot La'Evyonim in Purim.

> To sign the petition: "A permanent building for Ezer Modiin for the Needy" Click here!

Since the establishment of the city, Rabbi Segal has been running an extensive project of helping needy people by distributing food, clothing, electrical appliances, furniture, school supplies, medicines, etc. at a scope of approximately 1 million shekels a year.

The organization's activities are conducted from 7 caravans near the police, which are now being evacuated due to the construction work in the city center.

The municipality promised to give land to "Ezer Modi'in" in the industrial zone on Lot 23, Block 5891, in order to build a permanent structure. However, although the association collected money for the building, the municipality did not give the permits that would allow them to build and move to the guaranteed land.

Please sign below and help "Ezer Modiin" to obtain the necessary permits so they can move to a permanent building for the benefit of needy families.

Click here to sign!


Sun-Thu: 16:00-20:00, occasionally mornings - call first.


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