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Amutot and Charities in Modiin

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The New Beit Chabad Modiin
Support in a wide range of areas: personal and couples counseling, Bar Mitzvah preparation, Tefellin, Mezuzot, Chevruta study and more. As well as Chabad office, the new building also includes a shul, event hall and Mikve. Detailed informat
Tnu LaChayot Lichyot Dog Shelter - Kfar Ruth
Kfar Rut
For those looking to adopt a dog, the shelter houses dozens of dogs waiting to be adopted. Some of them can be seen on the website below. The shelfter was originally located in Meshek Dror. Please note, adoption can only take place in the p
WIZO House Modiin - Community Services
The Modiin branch of the national non-profit organization. All activities are managed and run by WIZO volunteers with all proceeds donation to women and children at risk. For a secure online donation - click here! Donations in good and usab
Yad Sarah - Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Branch
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Note! The branch has moved from the Caravans on Sderot HaChashmona'im to a permanent building in Shimshoni, opposite Ironi Gimel. In addition to the change of location, the branch had also been significantly upgraded and apart from lending
Yedidim - Volunteer Organization for Non-Medical First Aid
Modiin General
Car stuck? Kid locked in? For every mishap, for every person left helpless and in need of rescue or assistance - there is someone to give free help, regardless of race, gender or religion. The Yedidim organization, which is active throughou
AKIM - Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Branch
Resources for families of people with mental disabilities in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut and the periphery, for all aspects of daily life, information and support. To donate securely online click here! The Modiin Maccabim Reut branch was establish
Amutat Chesed Modiin
Modiin General
Chesed and giving activities for city residents in need. The amuta members are comprised by dozens of Modiin residents from all over the spectrum. The organization's activities include the distribution of hot meals to families, collection a
Amutat PEULA
Modiin Merkaz Train Station
The Amuta whose name means "opening eyes and hearts to the needs of the blind", was established in May 2011, with the aim of providing support to the blind and visually impaired. The Amuta's activities include: Social activities with the bl
Amutat Prichat HaRotem
Modiin General
Amuta for the promotion of culture, art and sport for the children of Israel. The Amuta was founded by Yaron and Limor Parsi, residents of Modiin, in memory of their daughter Rotem Michal Parsi, who died of cancer in 2011, aged 16. As Rotem
Amutat Refuah VeSimchah - Modiin Branch
Modiin General
Voluntary organization for transporting patients and medical equipment. The service includes: Free assistance for patients and their families traveling to hospitals. Transporting medicines, equipment, medical documents and bone marrow sampl
Beit Almog Shilony - Home for Lone Soldiers in Modiin Maccabim Reut
A warm home for lone soldiers, in the Prachim neighborhood. Currently, the Amuta runs 2 homes - one for men with room for 4 soldiers, and one for women with room for 5. The home was founded in 2015 by the family and friends of Modiin reside
Chaverim LiRfuah
Modiin General
There are people who need your unused medicines! The volunteers of 'Chaverim LiRfuah' collect all types of unexpired medication that you no longer need, and pass it on to needy patients, at no cost. The collection, supervision, sorting, sto
ESRA - Second Hand Bookshop
Azrieli Mall
Wide range of fiction, biographies, classics, romance, science fiction, Jewish themes, children’s and teen books, and more. Proceeds benefit children at Neve Esra in Modiin. Please bring books for donation during opening hours only.
ESRA Modiin - English Speaking Residents Assocation
Modiin General
Independent English speaking non-profit organisation run by volunteers. All ESRA Modiin's efforts raise funds for Neve ESRA, the afternoon care center for children in ‎Modiin. The organisation runs a second-hand bookshop stocking both Engli
Ezer Modiin - Rabbi Segal
Accepting donations of food, furniture, clothes, toys, bedding, electronics and all other household goods for distribution to the needy. All items must be in good condition. It is best to bring them to the store in Shilat during opening hou
HaMetzion - Collection Center for the Donation of Clothing and Household Items
Azrieli Mall
Don't need it? Donate it! Come and donate items in good condition, for clothes also clean and washed. Items accepted: Accessories Clothing and footwear Fitness and camping equipment Toys and games for children Appliances Housewares Home tex
Israel Cancer Association
Azrieli Mall
Established as a voluntary organization in 1952, with the aim of reducing cancer morbidity and mortality and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The ICA has earned its widespread recognition, both nationally and international
Joe's Simcha Gemach In Memory of Netzer Acharon
Modiin General
Gemach providing chairs, tables, hot plates and urns for Smachot. In memory of the Netzer Acharon, Holocaust survivors who lost all their close family in the Shoah. They came on Aliyah and were killed fighting for Israel in the War of Indep
Mandalat HaLev - Support for Cancer Patients and Their Families
Modiin General
Amuta run by volunteers, functioning as a community support resource aiming to help cancer patients and their families in Modiin Maccabim Reut in a variety of ways. The support offered is both personal and for the family, based on vision of
Matav Modiin Branch - Association for Nursing, Aide and Consulting Services for the Elderly
Azrieli Mall
Modiin branch of the long-serving Matav association (operating since 1958), providing a wide range of services for the elderly, nursing services and various services in the welfare field. The association is recognized by all the professiona

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