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Dr. Liat Attas Fox - Ophthalmology & Eye Plastic Surgery Specialist

HaMirpa'ah, Merkaz Renanim, Maccabim
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Specialist in oculoplasty and medical aesthetics - plastic surgery for the eyelids and upper face, tear duct (lacrimal) surgery and eye socket (orbit) surgery.

Working with all Kupot Cholim, as well as the Harel and Menorah insurance companies. Arrangements with Maccabi, Harel and Menorah insurance companies for operations.

Services include:

  • Emergency services - foreign body in eye, infections.
  • Aesthetic surgery - Correction of drooping eyelids (ptosis, both medical and aesthetic), correction of excess skin in upper eyelids (blepharoplasty), correction of "bags" under the eyes, eyebrow lifting.
  • Aesthetic treatments - Botox for wrinkle removal, hyaluronic acid filling.
  • Excision (removal) of all types of lesions - utilizing both surgical methods and non-invasive plasma energy using a Plexr machine.
  • Tear duct treatments - removal of tear duct obstructions utilizing both external methods and through the nose (dacryocystorhinostomy).
  • Reconstructive surgeries - Changes in the position of the eyelids or the face resulting from age, trauma or tumor removal, correction of eyelid facing outwards or inwards (ectropion and entropion).
  • All oculoplastic surgeries for children - drooping eyelids, tear duct obstructions, congenital imperfections around the eyes.
  • Eye socket surgeries

Surgeon at 'Atidim Medical Center' (Ramat HaChayal).

Specialist in opthalmology, and senior specialist in oculoplastic surgery.

Call to book an appointment!

For WhatsApp messages please use the following number: 054-9755980


Sun: 08:00-16:00, Tue: 14:00-20:00.


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