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Medical Professionals

Medical specialists in a variety of fields in Modiin and the surrounding areas, including vision care, physiotherapy, vision care, osteopathy, chiropractic medicine and more.
Dr. Daniel Pollack, DPM, FACFAS - Podiatrist
Judy Holtzer Knopf
Dr. Pollack is fully trained as Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He is available, very pleasant, and professional. My toenails were a horror after chemotherapy and he relieved the pain and addressed all the issues. His price was extremely reasonable IMO. I recommend him highly.
Health Advize - Health Advice Made Easy!
Eddie Blanco
I needed medical advice on how I could get the Corona vaccine as a tourist in Israel. I reached out to private doctors, government agencies and contacts in the medical field. None of them were able to help me. I called Aviva and she patiently spent a lot of time trying to help me find a solution. It turns out there is not a policy yet for Tourists to receive the vaccine. She suggested I join Maccabi through their Tourist health insurance policy. This was a brilliant idea. It turns out if you are insured by Maccabi you can receive the vaccine. I highly recommend Aviva if you need medical advice.
Dr. Daniel Pollack, DPM, FACFAS - Podiatrist
Eran Baruch
ד"ר פולק הגיע לביתנו בשל גוף זר שחדר לכף רגלו של בננו בן ה-7. הוא הגיע למרות קשיים רבים, והיה מקסים, אדיב ומרגיע. הוא הרדים את האזור והוציא את הגוף הזר. הטיפול היה מקצועי ברמה הגבוהה ביותר ויומיים לאחר מכן בננו חזר לפעילות מלאה. אני ממליץ בכל לשון על ד"ר פולק דניאל.
Tazpeet - Vision Care
Shoshana Estelle Cramer
Highly recommended.. English speaker, very thorough and caring. Fantastic service after purchase and fitting
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Soshia Becker-Feldhamer
I went to Rachel for medical messages to help my frozen shoulder and she literally was magic! After several sessions it was sooo much better! Book now!
Dr. Yaakov Starr - Chiropractor
Yoni Bill Carson
Without doubt the best medical professional I have been treated by. His manner etc. are excellent and he is very easy to discuss issues with. Where he excels though is in his ability to identify and treat pains in a prompt manner and advise on how to avoid repeat injury incidents. Always nice to meet the rarity of a private medical professional that doesn't want to milk oneself dry! His ability to explain other factors such as diet and the impact on health in an easy to understand manner has been absolutely life changing. Could not recommended this doctor enough. If you have aches and pains etc. please do yourself a favour and get a session from him and you will be well on the road to recovery.
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Tamar Spector
Rachel is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. She is so professional and knows her field so well. After her massages, I feel so relaxed and happy.
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Yael Sacagawea
Rachel has a magic touch! She is very skilled in what she does and always makes me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her services
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Sarah Kirshner
Really professional! Rachel knows how to best get out those stubborn Knotts and I always feel so refreshed after a session with her. 10/10 would recommend
Malka Elitzur - Osteopathy Treatments for Women, Babies and Children
Dena Posner Rosen
מלכה מטפלת בחסד ובמגע עדין אך עמוק .הטיפול מטעין את הגוף להבריא את עצמו.מומלץ מאוד גם לתינוקות וילדים.
Corona Tests in Modiin - Pikud HaOref, Kupot Cholim & Rapid Tests
Modiin General
Please note !! Those who are vaccinated or recovered and have been exposed to a confirmed case are asked according to the updated guidelines to perform a rapid home or supervised (and free) antigen test*. * If a positive result was received
Rachel Bernstein - Certified Medical Massage Therapist
Highly personalized and customized massage treatments by a therapist with years of experience, and based on your individual needs. Charged by the amount of time, not the type of treatment, so you can afford the best care in the right amount
Tazpeet - Vision Care
Merkaz Renanim
Addressing all your optometry needs, in a professional and friendly atmosphere. At Tazpeet, Dr. Chaim Silva, leader in the field of optometry and lecturer at Bar Ilan University and Sharon Schajer, BSc MCOptom, UK qualified, Misrad HaBriut
Free Non-Prescription Sunglasses / 50% Off Prescription Sunglasses!
Yuval Shahak PT - Private Physiotherapist | Personal Fitness Trainer
Kfar HaOranim
Private physiotherapy clinic / private fitness studio. Certified physiotherapist - licensed by the Health Ministry. Holds a B.P.T. from HVA University, The Netherlands. Personal training and health instructor certificate from the Wingate In
Bathsheva Feinsilver Maron - Physical Therapist
Kfar HaOranim
Specializing in orthopedic treatments and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Ministry of Health certified physical therapist - graduate of the physiotherapy department at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Extensive experience in a range of
Dr Adam Winter D.C - Chiropractor and Functional Neurologist
Moriah Center
Chiropractic and functional neurology treatments for a variety of problems, including pain, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, for children and adults. Areas of expertise: Pain management - For anyone suffering from back
Dr Gilon Gobrin - Chiropractor
Solomon Center
Native English speaker. Certified chiropractic sports practitioner and naturopath. Certified Kinesio Taping practitioner. Achieve and maintain optimal health. Therapy through natural treatment: head-aches, migranes, pregnancy, baby & toddle
Dr. Benjamin Fox - Pulmonary Medicine Specialist
One of Israel’s leading pulmonary medicine specialists (lung doctor). Director of Pulmonology at Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofeh). Specializing in all lung diseases, including: Asthma COPD Lung nodules Lung cancer Bronchoscopy Lung func
Dr. Chaim Grossbard - Osteopathy, Homeopathy & Chinese Medicine OMD,DO,MIRO,Dipl.AC (IATCM
Certified in osteopathy (DO) and holding a doctorate in Chinese and natural medicine, acute and chronic pain management, cranio sacral therapy for infants and children. Specialist in the treatment of a range of health issues including: acut
Dr. Daniel Pollack, DPM, FACFAS - Podiatrist
House Calls in Modiin & The Area
The only double board certified American trained podiatrist in Israel. Providing treatments in the comfort of your house the way medicine used to be practiced. Treatments include: removal of ingrown toenails, warts, foreign body removal, cu
Dr. Liat Attas Fox - Ophthalmology & Eye Plastic Surgery Specialist
Merkaz Renanim
Specialist in oculoplasty and medical aesthetics - plastic surgery for the eyelids and upper face, tear duct (lacrimal) surgery and eye socket (orbit) surgery. Working with all Kupot Cholim, as well as the Harel and Menorah insurance compan
Dr. Nurit Birman Har-Noy - Specialist in Neurology, EMG Examinations
Moriah Center
Private clinic for nerve conduction tests (NCT) and needle electromyography (EMG), with high availability. Extensive experience in administering and interpreting EMG examinations. Senior doctor in the neuromuscular and EMG clinic of the neu
Dr. Yaakov Starr - Chiropractor
House Calls in Modiin & The Area
Native English speaker. Experienced chiropractor specializing in natural, hands-on therapy. Providing house call visits to residents of Modiin and surrounding areas. Treating: Back pain and sciatica Neck pain and headaches Disc herniation A
Hagit Rosenstein - Children's Optometrist Specialist in Vision Therapy
Azrieli Mall
Diagnosis and treatment of vision focus problems for children, that cause difficulties in daily functioning. The service is provided within the framework of the team of specialists at Beit HaRofim in Azrieli Mall Modiin. What is a vision fo
HAKSHEV-NA (Dr. Stephen Reingold) - Clinic for the Management of Pediatric ADHD
Nof Ayalon
Native English speakers. Specializing in the evaluation, treatment and on-going management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Providing a comprehensive approach that considers your child as an individual, yet also understands him
Merkaz Renanim
Dr. Liat Attas-Fox - Eye doctor. Dr. Benjamin Fox - Pulmonologist.
Health Advize - Health Advice Made Easy!
Modiin General
Helping you navigate the Israeli Health care system, maximize your benefits and find the doctor and services that are right for you and your loved ones - in English! Offering: Access to a health consultant who is available, understands the
Lev Physio Modiin - Physical Therapy Clinic
Ligad / The Technological Park
Innovative and well-equipped physical therapy clinic offering a wide range of treatments - for every type of pain! The treatments will restore your optimal functioning both at home and at work, and in our daily routine. Professional clinic,
Medi-Per Physiotherapy Clinic
Dimri Towers
Comprehensive, professional and personal treatments provided by a team of 15 qualified physiotherapists - men and women, in a variety of specialties. Personally suited treatment, from locating and understanding the problem, identifying the
Mirpaat Solomon - Maccabi Members and Private Family Medicine Clinic
Solomon Center
Medical clinic in Modiin which accepts members of kupat cholim Maccabi as well as private patients. The clinic is managed and staffed by two doctors, Dr. Talia Cohen (native English speaker) and Dr. Hadas Tzur, both specialists in family me

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