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18/02 : Underdos "Gvarim SheHaShtika Yafa Lahem" - Comedy Show

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin
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In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, this event is cancelled.

Live skit show of the popular comic quartet, incorporating for the first time huge LED screens in a comedy.

'Underdos', the comic quartet that took the dati-leumi sector by storm with millions of YouTube views, have managed in the last 7 years to produce 2 comic shows and 3 original musicals that were viewed on stage by more than 100,000 people across Israel.

They are now back with yet another totally new show, this time incoporating video and multimedia segments that are included as an inherent parts of the skits on stage.

The combination of video and live skits creates a coherent and incredibly funny show, without leaving out the classic Underdos humor of satire and nonsense, from dati life, and from life itself.

Click here for the official Youtube channel


Tuesday 18/2, 21:00. 85-89


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