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Katzaviat Chermon - City Center Butcher

Arar 14, City Center (Ma'ar), opposite the Mall entrance, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago
Deals on Ground Beef, Asado, Schnitzel, Salmon, Frozen Items and More!
Deal Ends 30/09

Hot deals! - All fresh and top quality:

  • Rare & fresh Osso Buco for cholent - only 59.90 ₪ per kilo
  • Fresh ground meat from no. 2 ribs - 2 kilo for 109 ₪
  • Fresh asado strips for 65 ₪ per kilo
  • Fresh minute steak roast (no. 5) for 89.90 ₪ per kilo
  • Petit tender (no. 6) for 70 ₪ per kilo
  • Fresh clean chicken schnitzel - 3 kilo for 119 ₪
  • Fresh clean chicken legs - 4 kilo for 100 ₪
  • Pargit steak - 2 kilo for 109 ₪
  • Fresh salmon fillet for 105 ₪ per kilo
  • Extra clean wings for 14.90 ₪ per kilo

Freezer department:

  • Frozen salmon with / without skin for 89.90 ₪ per kilo
  • Extra special Chermon kebab - 2 kilo for 100 ₪
  • Chermon lamb kebab - 2 kilo for 100 ₪
  • Chermon house hamburger - 2 kilo for 100 ₪
  • Chermon Merguez sausages - 2 kg for 100 ₪
  • (Items from freezer department can be mixed)

For more information or orders call 055-9706012, or come and visit in store!

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Corona virus update valid from 7/2: open as usual according to Health Ministry guidelines and also offering deliveries and pick up.

To order call: 055-9706012

Real meat experience! Now open!

The new butcher in the city center of Modiin.

Katzaviat Chermon was established with the goal of selling premium meats, poultry, fresh fish and top quality, unique complementary products, while providing a pleasant and personal service experience to every customer.

Service includes pre-ordering and free deliveries.

Kashrut: Chalak Beit Yosef meat, Machpud and Atara by order. Under the supervision of the Modiin Rabbinate.

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Located in the stretch of stores along Arar street, opposite the Super-Pharm entrance to the mall.

Additional phone number for orders: 050-2533023


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