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Butchers & Fishmongers

All of Modiin's butchers and fishmongers - fresh, smoked and frozen meat and fish, including kashrut and deals.
The Modiin Fish Center
Keizer Center
Fresh fish only here! No competition in freshness, quality and service! Kosher LeMehadrin. Free deliveries. All types of fresh fish: St. Peter's fish, mullet, salmon, bass, corbina, trout, bream, red snapper, bonito, red mullet, sardines, g
Lomito Meats
Merkaz Sharbat
The longest established butcher in the area, founded in 1998. Everybody knows that if you are looking for quality, service and cleanliness, you go to Lomito. All products are made exclusively in-house, and nobody but Lomito's butchers touch
Mamie - Gourmet Meat
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Top quality butcher offering fresh products daily and a wide range of top quality meat cuts, poultry, house and frozen products. The selection of fine meats in store includes Israeli beef grown under the "Chai Bari" standard, a quality stan
August Deals on Ossobuco, Entrecote and More!
Meat & More - Butcher's & Delicatessen
Keizer Center
Offering only the highest quality products, with expert advice and tips. Large range of the best cuts of fresh meat and chicken as well as a selection of deli products and frozen fish. Emphasis on quality, cleanliness, flavor and courteous
Meatman - Butcher & Meat Delicacies
Every kind of meat straight from the factory. The finest cuts at the best prices you will find! The butcher that changes the rules of the game! Meatman is a factory store with all products made in house. All the meat offered undergoes an ag
Merkaz HaBasar
Fresh produce on a daily basis from the best and most reputable abattoirs. Customer service and cleanliness are our top priorities. Kashrut supervision under the Modiin Rabbanut. Glatt "Beit Yosef". Free delivery.
My Butcher - Butcher Shop
City Center (Ma'ar)
Boutique butcher shop offering select meats and fresh poultry daily. For product menu click here! Highest level service, quality and cleanliness! Types of meats include: Angus Argentinian entrecote Sirloin Beef filet Rump Veal schnitzel Pic
Artzenu - Kosher LeMehadrin Meat Delivered to Your Home
High quality, Mehadrin meat from the pastures of Ramat HaGolan, delivered directly to your home! Natural and healthy meat, ethically raised, with care for the animals, and without any antibiotics, hormones or other additives. All products a
Binyamin Meat Boutique
Euro Shops
Offering a world of meat, where pleasure and professionalism meet in the smoker and create an unforgettable experience of flavors! Range of choice meats from Israel and abroad, including brisket and Denver steak Line of top quality meat pro
Rosh HaShanba Deals on Lamb, Brisket, Salmon and More!
Lev HaEmek
The place for meat lovers, combining taste, style and quality, with a rich and unique selection of products. Fresh & cured beef and lamb, frozen meat, chicken, fish, spare ribs, veal, beef steak, entrecote, kebab & burgers, selected salads,

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