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Butchers & Fishmongers

All of Modiin's butchers and fishmongers - fresh, smoked and frozen meat and fish, including kashrut and deals.
Meatown Modiin - Butcher
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Different butcher concept! Providing you with fresh, clean and high quality meat every day, thanks to a unique vacuum packaging method, and at affordable prices. The first butcher shop of its kind in the city, working with a vacuum packagin
Lev HaEmek
The place for meat lovers, combining taste, style and quality, with a rich and unique selection of products. Fresh & cured beef and lamb, frozen meat, chicken, fish, spare ribs, veal, beef steak, entrecote, kebab & burgers, selected salads,
Katzaviat Chermon - City Center Butcher
City Center (Ma'ar)
Real meat experience! Katzaviat Chermon was established with the goal of selling premium meats, poultry, fresh fish and top quality, unique complementary products, while providing a pleasant and personal service experience to every customer
Deals on Ground Beef, Asado, Schnitzel, Salmon, Frozen Items and More!
Mamie - Gourmet Meat
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Top quality butcher offering fresh products daily and a wide range of top quality meat cuts, poultry, house and frozen products. The selection of fine meats in store includes Israeli beef grown under the "Chai Bari" standard, a quality stan
Winter Deals on Meat, Chicken and More!
Meat & More - Butcher's & Delicatessen
Keizer Center
Offering only the highest quality products, with expert advice and tips. Large range of the best cuts of fresh meat and chicken as well as a selection of deli products and frozen fish. Emphasis on quality, cleanliness, flavor and courteous
Meatman - Butcher & Meat Delicacies
Every kind of meat straight from the factory. The finest cuts at the best prices you will find! The butcher that changes the rules of the game! Meatman is a factory store with all products made in house. All the meat offered undergoes an ag
Merkaz HaBasar
Fresh produce on a daily basis from the best and most reputable abattoirs. Customer service and cleanliness are our top priorities. Kashrut supervision under the Modiin Rabbanut. Glatt "Beit Yosef". Free delivery.
PremiuMeat - Boutique Meat Products Delivered to Your Home
Modiin General
Frozen meat products and foods delivered to your home! Delicious packages of semolina kubeh, with a thin and uniform shell, and filled with 100% beef or vegetable mix, with authentic and traditional flavors, for red soup (matfuniya), yellow
Kube, Chorizo / Merguez, Kebab, Burgers and More at Deal Prices!
Sinai Fish Boutique
City Center (Ma'ar)
Range of fresh fish, sea and farm-raised fish, frozen fish, smoked fish, delicatessen, and house specials. Fish platters for hosting. All types of cuts and fish grinding on the premises. Kosher - Modiin Rabbanut. Come and visit, or to order
The Modiin Fish Center
Keizer Center
From around the world - to your kitchen! Kosher LeMehadrin. Huge variety of fresh fish from Norway, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Cyprus and more. No competition in quality, freshness, cleanliness and of course - service! Offering a range of c
10% Off Fresh Fish and More!

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