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Artzenu - Kosher LeMehadrin Meat Delivered to Your Home

Deliveries to Modiin:
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

High quality, Mehadrin meat from the pastures of Ramat HaGolan, delivered directly to your home!

Natural and healthy meat, ethically raised, with care for the animals, and without any antibiotics, hormones or other additives.

All products are locally raised in Israel, and sold directly to the customer.

Offering a wide range of cuts of meat, including steaks, beef, lamb, organic, free-range chicken, goat, duck, natural sausages, organ meats, smoked meats and more.

Also offering a variety of wines and whisky, cast iron pots, kitchen utensils and honey.

You are invited to take a look at the website, and bring high quality meat into your kitchen, that you can prepare for your family with full confidence and satisfaction, knowing that you are serving them the healthiest and tastiest meat there is!

Kosher LeMehadrin Chalak LeChumrah. Rabbanut Tzfat.

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כמרי דפנה
שרות מעולה, יחס נהדר, בשר כשר מגיע ארוז ,חתוך , נקי. ממליצה בחום.
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