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08/03 : HaMatana Shel Jack - Children's Theater Show at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin
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In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, this event is cancelled.

New play by the Orna Porat Theater about creativity and resourcefulness, diligence and determination, and the power of stories.

Little Jack receives an invitation from the palace: "All the kingdom's children are invited to the princess's birthday party." Jack is overcome with excitement, but his parents tell him he can't go, because they don't have enough money for a gift, and there's nothing in the house to bring a princess.

Jack does not give up, he uses old objects from around the house, replaces them with ingredients and bakes an amazing cake by himself, in honor of the princess.

He sets out on his way to the palace, but the road is not easy and full of upheavals, and he ends up at the palace ... without the cake.

To his complete surprise, the princess tells him that he brought her the most wonderful gift there is! What is the special gift the princess is alluding to?

For ages 3-7.


Sunday 8/3, 17:30. 70-80 ₪.


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