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Hasmonean Heritage Museum of Modiin

Shderot Dam HaMaccabim, next to the police station, Modiin
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Last Updated: 6 days ago

The museum is currently being built, and is expected to open mid-2021.

Museum presenting the story of the city of Modiin, from the days of the Hasmoneans, throughout history, up to the days of the establishment of the modern city. A multi-sensory and interactive experience for children, families and schools.

The area of ​​the museum is about 700 sqm. The physical structure of the museum consists of rows of concrete beams, each of which represents a period of time, from antiquity to the present day.

Visitors to the museum will be active participants in the story of the Hasmoneans, and will enjoy a variety of exhibits, all while solving riddles, mysteries and viewing spectacular exhibits of archeological remains, found on Givat HaTitora and around the city.

The tour ends in a futuristic cinema space, with a variety of effects and interactive features, that will take visitors on an adventure in the time tunnel, through the stages of development of the modern city.

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