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Falcon - Mobile Water & Laser Tag Activities

Mishmar David
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago
Tactical Laser Tag Activity for Kitot Konenut for Only 1,800 ₪!
Deal Ends 15/01

Falcon's phoenix campaign!

It's time to rise up and protect ourselves, all citizens.

In the wake of the war, offering a special deal for all residents of the State of Israel - every Kitat Konenut, moshav / kibbutz, settlement or city - coming to you for two hours of infrared laser tag activity, weapons and tactical sensors + certified instructors from combat units who will teach you to defend yourself - because we need it more than ever.

Up to 25 people + 2 hours tactical laser tag activity according to your needs - now for only 1,800 ₪ including VAT instead of 3,500 ₪!

[phone] Call now for more information: 052-6463158 (Menashe)

Terms and Conditions Problem?

Mobile activity with unique games for team building days, end-of-year parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more.

Available throughout the country. Also offering meals and other activities. All attractions are fully accessible.

Water Tag

Exclusive to Falcon! Wet activity in a water fight arena, filled with of hiding places and shelters, that can be set up on a spacious grassy area, or whatever space you have available. The game is run by an experienced team.

Suitable for ages 6 and up. Each player receives a unique vest and a powerful water gun.

One to two hours of light, funny, bonding activity.

Laser Tag

Breathtaking, adrenaline-filled experience. Clean game - can be played in any area or building, from company offices to your garden at home.

The game is brought to you with portable, designed shelters, which turn any space into a professional laser tag arena. Each game is led by the Falcon team.

Games can be held anywhere, any time, day, night, outdoors or indoors.

Suitable for ages 8 and up. Each player receives a vest, helmet and gun.

Escape room

Game that can be set up anywhere (in the woods, at home, in the office or as a moving event, from the office to the hotel on the company's team building day). Activity for up to 200 people.

  • The activity itself - takes place in groups of between 5-10 people who go on a journey (depending on the frame story) of one to three hours. The game is managed remotely by a mysterious character.
  • Each group - receives a tablet and goes on a journey through eight stations. At each station, a box will be waiting for them "decorated" and designed with different tasks.

The success of the group measured by the time it takes to complete the activity and the amount of mistakes made.

Suitable for ages 14 and up. The games can be adapted and branded according to the needs of the company. The game is also suitable for the religious/orthodox public.

Gelly Ball

The next and most advanced generation of paintball - the new hit in the Middle East. Exclusive to Falcon!

Wherever you want, in a place of your choosing or at Falcon's game complex, a challenging gelly ball arena is set up for you, full of targets and interesting challenges, for up to 100 participants from the age of 6. Each arena is divided into two sides: a red team versus a blue team.

Moving targets are set on each side of the area as part of the game. In an hour of activity you will play three different games that include a variety of equipment, such as: electronic sensors, giant puzzles and more.

The arena can be set up anywhere in Israel - in any large space, open or covered, whether in a garden, in a cultural hall or in a park, so the activity is perfect for summer as well as winter.

The ecological balls disintegrate and disappear after two hours.

For more information, call now: 072-2727988

Important! Falcon meets the most stringent levels of insurance and product standards, including official importer approval.


The Falcon company reserves the right and option to make changes in pricing, the number of participants required and opening hours, according to seasons and at its sole discretion. The text above should be regarded solely as a recommendation.



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